Watch: Leonardo DiCaprio Gets Super Intense In The New ‘Great Gatsby’ Trailers


Sigh. I need this move to come out yesterday! Baz Luhrman’s The Great Gatsby adaptation finally hits theatres May 10 and each new trailer gets me more and more excited for the release. Today we get to check out two new TV spots which show us a more intense, more out-of-control Leonardo DiCaprio as Gatsby. Peep the first video above, and click inside for one more!


  • Thomas

    I CAN’T WAIT for this movie. I recently read the novella and loved it – a little shamed that as an English minor, I’ve never read it but it wasn’t taught at my high school in Canada and I only took one American lit course in university. I love the colour and the sheer decadence that the trailers have – pretty exciting!

  • Natalea


  • Luna

    OMG I see Jack Dawson somewhere in there. Jack, I’m flying! Yes, baby you’re flying!