Here Are Ten Reasons Why Monday Night’s Dipset Concert Was Everything


Let me tell you guys how I feel about Harlem, okay? My kids are half-Harlem; their Dad grew up on the Eastside and I’m more proud of this fact than I probably should be… lol. So when I heard that Dipset (Cam’ron, Juelz Santana, and Jim Jones) would be performing in Harlem for the 10th anniversary of their classic Diplomatic Immunity album, I hopped on Ticketmaster faster than Trent when those Prince tickets went on sale. Well, probably not as fast… but, like, close. LMAO! OMG… and it was sooo worth it! I kid you not, I haven’t been to a concert since Jay-Z’s American Gangster tour in 2007, and being a part of this blog (and seeing all the fun Trent has going to live shows all the time) has def inspired me to experience the glory of live music more. Plus, seeing Cam’ron live is just… so… important. Like, you won’t understand life or love or politics fully until you’ve seen Cam’ron perform Touch It Or Not in a club full of Harlem dudes who all refuse to take their coats off, because that’s not what’s really good. Please click inside to relive and re-lurve some of the ah-mazing Dipset tracks I got to hear live Monday night!

Ten Reasons Why Monday Night’s Dipset Diplomatic Immunity Concert Was Everything

1. I’m Ready


It sucks to be a writer sometimes… because I’m supposed to find, like, words for this song. And there are no words. ‘This is powerful music,’ is the understatement of Juelz’s life. Sigh. I can’t. I can’t take the beat, I can’t take all the perfectly appropriately pauses, I can’t take Cam’ron speaking French (French!) in the third verse, and then making a reference to the Eiffel Tower, which you must do if you speak French in a rap song. I didn’t even understand how genius Cam was until I learned about the creators of Rap Genius, and how their whole, magnificent site started because of their obsession with Cam and his ridiculously insane lyrics. So yeah, I can’t deal.

2. Bout It, Bout It Part III


Okay, so you know how every Throwback Thursday there’s that one song where I’m just like Nobody talk to me? Yeah. That’s probably gonna happen a lot this week sooooo…. Nobody talk to me!!! Oh, and you can watch the official video HERE. You’re gonna wanna do that.

3. Dipset Anthem


I’m not gonna talk about how I, like women everywhere, have a ridiculous crush on Juelz Santana and that ridiculous bandana. Y’all are not gonna get me to talk about that, okay. C’mon. Whatever.

4. Jim Jones, We Fly High

It was soooo awesome when they performed this song as the last jam of the night. I had totally forgotten about it, and then there we were. Ballin’.

5. Oh Boy


When Mariah Carey took over Throwback Thursday I couldn’t resist sharing her Oh Boy remix with Cam. But the original? Nothin’ like it.

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  • lauren

    Shannon, once again you killed it! Worship.

    I haven’t thought about Juelz Santana for a hot minute, and Bout it Bout it brings back memories (the husb loooves some old school Master P, lol). Hey Ma is def one of my fave Camron songs.

    • lauren

      ^^ oops, meant Oh Boy! That’s my jam. Listening to Camron on YouTube and Hey Ma is on :)

    • Shannon

      lauren, so glad you enjoyed! ‘Hey Ma; shoulda been on the Bonus Throwback list. They performed it too :)
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  • Iris B

    Oh, Boy!!!!!

  • JM

    Dead. I was living vicariously through you while reading this post. This was thee jam. I’m so jelly that you were at the show!

    • Shannon

      JM, I definitely thought about you at the show! Here’s hoping you get to see them sometime– they were so much fun.

  • LaWanna Yvette

    Please tell me Juelz performed S.A.N.T.A.N.A. That shit goes entirely too hard.

    • Shannon

      LaWanna Yvette, OMG– yes. Of course he did. And we all sounded crazy trying to sing that one part, lmao:
      [video-embed url=”http%3A//”]

  • xoxo

    Wow. All these songs give me crazy flashbacks. I just lost all these songs when my ipod died and I’ve been going crazy trying to get them back!!