Madonna Is Now A Billionaire


Congratulations are in order for our lady Madonna because according to new reports, she has finally crossed over into the Billionaire’s Club. It may have taken some time but upon completion of her MDNA World Tour last year (along with her many other lucrative endeavors) analysts have determined that Madonna’s net worth has crossed the billion dollar mark. Naturally, Madonna herself has not (and likely will not) confirm this news but it sounds pretty legit to me. Click below to learn more about Madonna, the new billionaire.

Madonna’s a billionaire now, according to a new report in the New York Post. Her net worth jumped after her MDNA Tour brought in a whopping $305,158,363, making it the highest-grossing tour of 2012. That’s not counting the $75 million in merch sales, nor does it include the $10 million in TV and DVD rights that came with the 88-stop jaunt around the globe. The news comes amid a strong few months for the singer. Madonna made a bold statement at this year’s GLAAD Awards, where she arrived to present Anderson Cooper with an award in full cub scout regalia. The costume was a comment on the Boy Scouts of America’s gay ban, and drew the ire of the likes of Rick Perry. Despite plenty of controversy and negative press, the singer continues to prove her staying power. In addition to the tour, “MDNA” notched a No. 1 Billboard debut (although sales tumbled dramatically in the following weeks). Madonna’s 2012 Super Bowl halftime performance also drew in more viewers than Beyonce’s did this past February. According to Womens’ Wear Daily, the 54-year-old singer’s net worth had hovered around $700 million for some time.

I can’t even begin to add up all of the successes — both financial and otherwise — that Madonna has enjoyed over the years. Considering the sky high prices of Maddy’s concert tickets and the fact that her loyal fans happily pay any price to see her in concert, why, it’s no wonder Madonna has finally been able to amass such wealth. Madonna is truly a one of a kind. No matter how reviled she may be among her detractors, she is beloved by far more people … and those people are fiercely loyal. I have no doubt that Madonna’s riches are immense … and, yes, I can absolutely believe that she stands a billionaire now. I say congrats … and you keep on making that money, honey.


  • Krissy

    That is a lot of money! Yowza!

  • LiQue

    M DOLLARS good for her, she has earned every penny of it.

  • Laura

    I’ve lost all respect for Madonna. Used to be a huge fan but no longer.

    • @Laura — Why?

    • Ariel Echeverria

      probably beacuse madonna is very very rich and she is not!! XD

  • Ben@pr

    All hail to the Queen!. There’s only one Queen and that’s Madonna!!! This is to all the haters: success is the best revenge.

    • @Ben@pr — “success is the best revenge” This is the absolute truth!

  • swile71

    She is a smart, savvy, and kick ass business woman & entertainer. She deserves EVERY penny!

  • Tommy

    I believe she has been a billionaire for some time now. So many things to take in account besides the usual endorsement deals and music royalties, writing(s), producing, touring, Macy’s, etc! The coconut water business associate that she is into and all her real estate, art, selling Maverick, the $60 million from Time Warner plus the SEX book earnings in 1992, her $120 million deal with Live Nation and all her earnings with that! The list is incredible for a money making genius like Madonna! To say she is not a billionaire at this point would be ridiculous! She has earned every penny with such hard work and dedication!

  • Krissy

    She is actually far from a billionaire, according to Forbes. When people mention her tour income, that is gross…not net. They lay it all out very specifically in this article. I think she is still incredibly successful and one of the most successful artists of all time, even without being a billionaire.

    “There’s a reason Madonna isn’t on our Billionaires list: simply put, she’s not a billionaire.”
    “So even if Madonna had saved every single penny she’d earned since 2007–no travel costs, no living cost, no splurges–she’d be worth about $500 million.”