TBS Renews ‘Cougar Town’ For A 5th Season


Last May we learned that the television sitcom Cougar Town was moving from ABC to TBS and in September we got our first look at the 4th season of the show. Cougar Town has been doing very well on TBS this season … so much so that the network has announced that they are renewing the show for a 5th season! That’s right folks … pop open a bottle of wine and pour its entire contents into the largest glass you’ve got cuz it’s time to celebrate the season 5 renewal of Cougar Town.

“Cougar Town” will return for a fifth season on TBS. The network announces that it has ordered a new season for the sitcom, which moved from ABC to the cable channel starting season 4. The upcoming season will contain 13 new episodes and air in 2014. “Cougar Town has been everything we hoped it would be: a smart, big-hearted, laugh-out-loud comedy that shines a bright light on the TBS brand,” Michael Wright, president, head of programming for TBS, TNT and Turner Classic Movies, said in a statement. “This season, the brilliant cast and immensely creative production team on Cougar Town have crafted their best episodes yet, and we couldn’t be happier inviting them back for more.” Courteney Cox couldn’t hide her happiness that the show has been renewed. The Jules Cobb depicter, who also serves as one of the executive producers, tweeted on Monday, March 25, “So thrilled to say we’re coming back for Season 5!!!” “Cougar Town” has averaged 2.8 million viewers per episode since it moved to TBS. It ranks as the network’s top original primetime series ever with adults 18-49 and total viewers. The current season will air its final episode on April 9.

Yay! I have been LOVING the current season of Cougar Town on TBS. The show hasn’t changed at all since moving from ABC … all the same humor is still intact. I’m very happy to learn that the show will live to see another season next year. My guess is that Cougar Town will exist as long as Courteney Cox and co. want to do the show. This is all very, very good news :D


  • ClaireMichelle

    OHHH MY GOD! Wine party in celebration! This is such great news! I’m so glad TBS is putting the love into this show that it has always deserved. Maybe this will inspire them to bring Happy Endings to their network as well! (PLEASE, PLEASE!)

    • nicole

      TBS would be the perfect home for Happy Endings

  • nicole

    Yay! this season has been fantastic! glad its sticking around.

  • Ashley

    Trent, the site is still super duper slow. :( I know you must be well-aware about this but it’s getting unbearable. I mean, you’ll always be my #1 site for gossip because I love your commentary but it should not take as long as it does to open PITNB, at any time of day. :(

    As for Cougar Town, I never watch it but I know it will be one show I fall in love with once I do start it. I love Courtney, I really should start watching it soon!

    • @Ashely — I honestly don’t know what to say. Believe me, I understand your frustration … I feel it, too. At this point, only the tech people have control over remedying this problem. I will continue to send along your kind feedback in the hopes that the matter can be resolved sooner rather than later. I do apologize, truly.

    • Emily

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    • Karen

      For me, Firefox loads it reaalllllly slowly to begin with, but then I can use “open link in new tab” to read different stories more quickly. This site is slower to load initially than any other site of any kind. I basically get it started and then go read other sites until it’s up. Still loyal, just hope it gets fixed! :)

  • Lizzy

    I just love this show!! It is so silly and loving too! and I can not get enough of Busy Phillips!

  • t*

    Time for Trav & Laurie to get together!!! (I think Daniel Byrd is adorable.)