Listen: Ashanti Returns With A New Single & A New Album


So … have you heard that Ashanti is back on the music scene this week with the release of a new single titled Never Should Have with a new album titled Braveheart to follow in June? Yeah, no one is more surprised than I am. Apparently, news of new Ashanti music came out a few weeks ago but it wasn’t until her new single was released today that this fantastic news caught my eye (and ears). I’m quite certain many of y’all remember fondly that Ashanti was the ish back in the early 00’s … but she’s been out of sight and mind for many years now. Clearly, she’s ready to get back in our hearts and minds … take a listen to Never Should Have below and rejoice — Ashanti is back, y’all!

Ashanti has released her new single online. The singer recently unveiled ‘Never Should Have’ and announced its release on iTunes US today (March 26). She tweeted: “Hey y’all my new single ‘Never Should Have’ is available on @iTunesMusic now!!! Download here now!” The track [comes] from her forthcoming album Braveheart, which is scheduled for release in the US on June 4. The star previously described her fifth studio LP as “very deep”, adding: “It’s something for women, just being empowering. This album is something very deep. I’m going places that I haven’t gone on different albums.” Braveheart follows up 2008’s The Declaration, which peaked at number six on the US Billboard 200. Ashanti first found success in 2001 featuring on Ja Rule’s ‘Always On Time’ before topping the charts with her debut solo single ‘Foolish’ in 2002.

Here is the cover art for her upcoming new album Braveheart:

I don’t think I paid much attention to her 2008 album because I thought she stopped releasing music by the mid 00’s. I can’t say I was the biggest Ashanti fan back in the day but she had some pretty dope hits. I dig this new single and I’m actually quite curious to hear what the rest of her album sounds like. Homegirl looks bangin’ on the cover art for this single and she looks like a bad betch on the album cover. I’m happy to see Ashanti back on the scene again … have you missed her?

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  • Grace

    The cover looks like a picture for a Wonder Bra box.
    That’s all I’ve got! ;)

  • nicole

    i think if Ashanti had gotten away from The Inc sooner, her career would have went a lot further. the girl can sing, she just needs to find the right label/people.
    as for this song, i like it. i hope things start working out for her.