Justin Bieber Don’t Need No Shirt To Go Thru Airport Security


Justin Bieber seems to have settled down a bit and has gotten back to work in the wake of his messy and drama-filled week in London, England earlier this month. The Biebs is back on the road and performing in front of his legion of fans as usual. But, JB caused a bit of a stir has he passed thru airport security in Lodz, Poland because for some unknown reason, he walked thru the security body scanner sans shirt. Now, I know that airport restrictions require passengers to remove their jackets, shoes and belts … but I was unaware that folks are now being required to take off most of their clothing as well. HMMM.

For some reason Justin Bieber just cannot seem to keep his pesky clothes on. The young musician was seen taking off a little bit more than he needed to as he stepped through a security gate at Wladyslaw Reymont Airport in Lodz, Poland. Justin, 19, was departing the cold country on Monday following his concert there and was once again shirtless. Unless his top was made of metal there would have been no need for Justin to remove it other than for vanity purposes. The Beauty and a Beat rapper was in full swagger mode as he waited patiently at the check point with his shirt off and his six-pack out on show. In typical Justin style the singer wore his baggy trousers dangling from his derriere as his white underwear was almost completely revealed. Perhaps the chart topper, who was surrounded by security guards, was feeling confident and relaxed following his gig in Poland. Unlike his unsuccessful string of dates in London, Justin received a very positive reaction and loved performing to his Central European fans. He tweeted: ‘CRAZY SHOW!! Thank u POLAND!’ and later added ‘first France does the Merci signs and now the hearts signs in Poland… I love it.’

LOL! Oh, Biebs. I’m fairly certain that airport security did NOT insist that the young man take of his shirt so I’m guessing he did so to show off the wee muscles he has going on. It’s pretty surprising that a kid who already gets so much attention would go to these lengths to garner a little more. I suppose this kind of behavior could, once again, be chalked up to being a 19 year old kid but … damn, even kids younger than 19 know enough to keep their clothes on in public.


  • MJ

    Maybe he was just super late and changing on the way to catch his flight?

  • Linnea

    Lol, i wouldn’t mind if he was a muscle beast or something like that, but I can’t say he’s the best muscled-up man I’ve seen..

  • lost in here

    i must be getting old because all I can think of when I saw the picture is “boy, pull up your pants, people can almost see your twig and berries!”

  • LaurenL

    Have you ever left your cell phone at home, and found yourself out and about for the day without the thing that makes life functional? Yeah, that’s how I feel about the Beib’s pants/shirt situation here. Somethings just MISSIN’.

  • ClaireMichelle

    I honestly don’t even understand this? Can anyone walk through the airport shirtless? Or is it only okay because he is Justin Bieber and the whole world just assumes he isn’t capable of wearing a shirt in most situations?

    • Dot

      I also don’t get it especially because it’s still very cold in Poland (Easter is just around the corner and still there is plenty of snow here). But I guess that’s just Justin style ;)

  • db

    I would love to be the fly on the wall to hear the discussion between this idiot’s birth father and younger siblings. (the siblings the “Biebs” trots out for twitter/instgram photo ops)

    “no you can’t run around in public with no shirt and your pants around your kness.” “but dad, Justin does!” “Well, just because Justin does – doesn’t mean you can.” (dad – mumbling to himself – why doesn’t his mother give him a slap upside the head and tell him how ridiculous he looks?)”

    Guess we discovered what unlimited money can’t buy – brains and common sense or friends/handlers/mother with said same.

  • Leesha

    “Justin Bieber Don’t Need No Shirt To Go Thru Airport Security,” apparently he doesn’t need any pants either…

  • Jennifer

    Or pants either apparently….. How to avoid the tsa pat downs? Just don’t wear clothes at all.

  • Alecia

    Forget common sense, we just need his momma to take a belt to his hide. Worked for many of us.

    • Sandy!

      He should just live with my grandma for a week.
      Betcha he’ll start wearing clothes real quick lol

  • bleedingEars

    I just heard on the radio he was involved in an assault with his neighbor this morning. The investigation is in the early stages. Guess his puberty saga continues….

    • Krissy

      Once again he shows that he thinks he is above the rules. That will bite him in the ass someday.

  • Lauren xx

    I saw one of those silly e-cards that more or less said that Bieber’s breakdown comes upon Timberlake’s musical comeback because there can only be one Justin. At first I thought it was funny, now I’m thinking it’s truth… I think it’s the universe saying that JT is the only Justin pop music needs. Biebs should just give up now.

  • martooha

    I’m not sure if you aware, but now in Poland we still have very severe winter – snow and freezing temperature. Going out shirtless is like asking for pneumonia.

  • EAW

    The only celebrity I will condone travelling through Europe shirtless is Beckham. Bieber, ain’t nobody interested in your teeny little boy body and tightey whiteys

  • Kiki1976

    Do you think this kid even understands how the world sees him? What kind of brain malfunction do you have to have to think this is acceptable, or cool, or attractive? But, I’m not a 12 year old girl. Maybe he knows what he’s doing and I’m just an idiot.

  • Elayna

    Dude, it’s not like it’s summertime! In Louisiana you could do that (in the summertime, of course!) but Poland? And I don’t agree with the rest of you, either. He definetly should not take his pants off. But I do think that he should wear all his clothes. First, get married,Justin, then you can undress with your wife.