Emma Watson Gets Waxed In London


Last week we saw a few surprisingly realistic photos of a Taylor Lautner wax statue on display at the Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in Berlin. Today we get to see new photos of another surprisingly realistic statue, this time of actress Emma Watson. It’s been pretty clear for some time now that the artisans at Madame Tussaud’s have really stepped up their game. Gone are the hokey wax statues that looked nothing like the subjects they were meant to portray. Click below to see how eerily lifelike the wax version of Emma Watson looks on display in London.

She may have starred as Harry Potter’s schoolgirl sidekick in all seven of the Potter films. But there was barely a hint of Hermione Granger in evidence today as Madame Tussauds unveiled a waxwork of Emma Watson. Emma, who grew up on film after landing a role as Harry Potter’s best friend in the big screen adaptation of JK Rowling’s popular literary series, was honoured today with a statue of her likeness in the internationally renowned museum. Captured sitting demurely on a sofa with one leg crossed and her hand resting in her lap, she joins a long line of famous faces to be initiated into the collection at the London tourist attraction, where the like of Helen Mirren, Kate Winslet and, of course, the Royals can also be visited by guests. The wax work is dressed in an outfit designed by Elie Saab: a glamorous, midnight blue cocktail dress with a deep sweetheart neckline, the bodice embellished with beading, which the actress wowed the crowds in at a red carpet event in Hong Kong 16 months ago. A pair of black court shoes and a stunning short diamond necklace and statement ring complete the look. Emma’s expressive face is immortalised in a wistful expression, gazing off into the distance with a slight smile on her lips. Her hair is swept up in an elegant, grown-up style, which seems to highlight the actress’s journey since the end of the Harry Potter films in 2011 … Nicole Fenner of Tussauds said: ‘Emma is the perfect addition and we’re very lucky to add her to our A-list line up. ‘She’s a true English rose known and loved by millions of film and fashion fans around the world.’

What a great statue. I’ve been a fan of Emma Watson for some time now … yes, she was amazing in the Harry Potter films but she’s really grown into a lovely young woman who is quite talented in the acting department. I am really glad she has been given her own waxwork statue … one that has nothing to do with her Harry Potter role. I’m just so impressed with how lifelike this staute looks. Kudos, again, to the folks at Madame Tussaud’s for successfully cloning another living person.

[Photo credit: INFdaily; Source]

  • Megan

    This is definitely one of the most realistic ones I have ever seen. she really is very beautiful.

  • Lauri

    I love this statue. I think one of the best parts of being a “Potterhead” is how all the fantastic, young actors involved have grown into such fantastic adult actors, and just adults in general. I’m kind of completely blown away with how fantastic their statues have become.

  • Lulu

    Am I not seeing the same pictures as everyone else?! This does not look like her at all… ? :(

  • Jules

    I agree with Lulu. This seems like a projection of what she’ll look like when she’s 40.