Watch: Madonna Releases A Trailer For A ‘Secret Project’


It’s unclear if Madonna is planning the release of new music this year (unlikely) or if she is planning the release of some sort of movie/video project (more likely) but she has unleashed upon the world a short teaser trailer that is only referred to as a “secret project”. Madonna has been hinting at this “secret project” for some weeks now (she posted the following message on her official Instagram profile a couple of weeks ago “#secret project. I want to start a revolution! Are you with me?”) and only now has released a video trailer … to further tease whatever it is that she’s promoting. The only information provided in the creepy video above is that photographer and longtime Madonna collaborator Steven Klein is involved. My first reaction is that this “secret project” will be some sort of art piece but … who knows. Check it out, see what you think. We should learn soon what Maddy’s got up her sleeve.

  • BMcBride81

    I’m thinking it’s going to be a Steven Klein art project. On his studio site is the video clip followed by a picture of Naomi Campbell with Kate Moss, both tagged with #secretproject.

  • LiQue

    the secret project is a political statement made by klein, it has over 40 people on it, but Madonna has been the only one actually making waves about it. some names involved include moss, campbell, gaga, cher, rihanna.