Beyoncé And 14 Month-Old Blue Ivy Spotted Out And About In Brooklyn!


OMG, I’m almost embarrassed at how excited I am right now. Almsot. Somebody in Brooklyn needs to be congratulated with, like, thousands of millions of dollars because they snapped an absolutely gorgeous photo of Beyoncé and the one and only Blue Ivy walking around like totally normal people on the streets of NYC. It is awesome. Please click inside to see the face of Blue– uncovered and uncensored– plus her adorable little Timberlands. Gah! It’s Blue!

Bey And Blue Take New York:


And someone also caught them inside of Buttermilk Channel, Bey’s favorite spot to brunch in Brooklyn:


Total madness, right? Look at Blue! Her hair in little puffs, the camo hoodie (because she has a camo hoodie), and the Timbs! God, I love a baby in Timbs.

Anyway, I can’t even believe this happened. Maybe now that Beyoncé‘s documentary has aired, and we’ve all finally seen the face of Blue, she’ll be more willing to give us a few peeks here and there. ‘Preciate it Bey.


  • Badaboum

    I actually find it a very creepy that pictures of her child (or any child) are taken without her consent…

  • EK

    HOLY. MOSES. I work literally right down the street from Buttermilk Channel. If i were to run into her, I would explode diarrhea all over the floor. Right in front of Beyonce. And not care. At all. I die.

    • Dezden

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Please let this happen. I want to see her reaction to the diarrhea!!!

  • Hampton

    I hope your gushing is sarcasm-otherwise you will be “Hello everyone, this is Louella Parsons from Hollywood”

  • Megan

    They clearly just took that photo to get Bey in the background!

    • Dezden

      Yep. I would do the same damn thing.

  • Christina

    14 month old? You mean a 5 year old. She’s about as tall as Magic Johnson.

    • cutitout

      I think Beyoncé is much smaller than she looks on screen.