‘Beyoncé, How About You Bow Down, B#!%$’ And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments This Week


It’s been another amazing week in celebrity/pop culture-isms! Between the weirdness that is Amanda Bynes, the almost-death of Lil Wayne (and the YouTube vortex I got lost in to work through it), and Lindsay Lohan’s latest mug shot, we’ve had plenty to discuss here on PITNB. As per usual, y’all kept Trent and I LOLing all over the place with your comments, and we’re here to celebrate just a few of them. Click inside for some of the best in this week’s PITNB reader commentary!

PITNBr ausettofegypt shared her thoughts on the new Beyoncé track. Although I liked the song and thought it was all in good fun, I really appreciated ausettofegypt’s personal critique of the song’s message:

I had my son at 16, without much support and his father not around. Survived being kicked out due to disappointed at 17, and lived on my own, as a struggling single mother. Made sure I graduated High school so that my son would too. Had a daughter pass away when I was 6 months pregnant as well as two other miscarriages over 9 years. Lost my only sibling 9 months after my daughter and went back to college so that I could help parents who might one day be in the same position I was in with my daughter. Graduated said college with a 4.0 highest honors. My son who is now 20 graduated high school, does not have any kids, and has never been in jail, or trouble. This is just a little bit of my story, and there are women who have been through worse and are still standing…so, Beyoncé, how about you bow down, b#!%$. Oh, and I do not like the song. I think that is the most offending lyrics I have ever read coming from a woman. She might need to rethink those songs. The last time I heard anything from her that sounded like music was from I AM. Sorry, but a long time “Pinker”, had to vent!

PITNBr Sandy! is having a difficult time accepting Ryan Gosling’s break from acting… and by ‘having a difficult time’ I mean… I think she may no longer be with us. Sandy! holler at us if you’re still, like, alive:

Guys, I think I just died.
And in a bad way this time.

PITNBr Emily is not feeling the idea of Justin Timberlake as Daddy Warbucks in the new Annie:

No, no and no. Nothing about this is ok. Well, shaving his ridiculously flat ironed hair is ok, but everything else is a world of no. He’s too young and his voice is too high. Here’s hoping the producers cast appropriate people and not just their friends.

PITNBr Akili weighed in on Lindsay Lohan’s sixth (count ‘em– SIXTH) mugshot:

Love that she’s “smeyes-ing” in this one. Tyra would be proud!

PITNBr apriljan joined in our ah-mazing Lil Wayne Throwback Thursday. And apparently, Kush is the poo– in case y’all didn’t know:

Okay so you a goon, but what’s a goon to a goblin?! I loved A Milli!!

Have you heard Kush!? KUSH IS THE POO.

PITNBr lauren and I are girl-crushing on each other and it’s totally not awkward… lol. She also helped out on our very Weezy Throwback Thursday, and I was so grateful to her for reminding me of an awesome track (and for reminding me that I loved taking archery that one time at summer camp:

OMGGG. Shannon, seriously I have the *biggest* girl crush on you. My fave Lil Wayne era was definitely with the Hot Boyz… I can’t believe you didn’t post my faveee ever, Shine!

Also, Bling Bling was a huge favorite in high school… before it became a household phrase. I remember my friend Rich and I singing/rapping the song during gym class while we played archery. :( True story.

PITNBr lela made a great point about Romeo Beckahm’s iPhone case… featuring Romeo Beckham:

Its the Beckhams, it could be a way to tell whose iphone is whoms.

PITNBr Britney’s Bitch almost lost his damn mind when the new World War Z trailer got taken down (don’t worry everyone, we found a new one):

Trailer down! I repeat. Trailer down!!!!

PITNBr Shavonne had me friggen ROLLLLLLLIN’ with this one. Some of us were excited to hear that Stephen Amell of Arrow had been approached to play Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades movie, but Shavonne has other ideas… and a new baby, BTW:

NO!!! If Ian Smolder-Halder aka Damon Salvatore is not cast as Christian Grey I will boycott that movie so hard. And I’m pretty sure my opinion matters since I just gave birth to a 50 shades baby lol!!

But wait, there’s more. The best part was when I asked her to define, if she would, a ’50 shades baby’:

You know, when a woman reads 50 shades and her body demands a baby to be put in it ASAP, which is funny bc I couldn’t even let my husband look at me when I read since I felt dirty lmao!

Done. Done with you, Shavonne! LMAO!

Okay, that’s all for now folks. Oh, wait– I also wanted to give a shouts-out to PITNBrs TorontoSarah, Steph, and lyndsa who all brought up the possibility of mental health as an issue for Amanda Bynes. Even though I was LOLing over her tweet about Drake… and her vagina… I was happy to see that some readers brought a different perspective.

Much lurve to all you PITNBrs! I have a really busy night ahead of me, what with The Good Wife, Revenge, and all these The Game reruns popping off, so I gotsta go– nobody call me!

  • Steph

    Love these posts Shannon! Making working on my masters thesis a little easier when I can take PITNB breaks and read this. I always appreciate when you can understand and acknowledge both the gossip and social concerns of an issue. (P.S. Trent, never let her go!!)

    • Shannon

      Steph! Thanks so much for this <3

  • lauren

    Yessss. And seriously…. The 50 shades baby….dead.

  • Jennifer Wilson

    oh my gosh! ive not been on this week so its great to see all the pithbers sassy/funny/coolness all right here for me.

    way to keep it awesome, friends!

    • ClaireMichelle

      I haven’t been able to be on much this week either and I so agree! This is so nice to get all caught up with the great, funny comments of the week! Thanks again, Shannon! And thanks PITNBers! You’re all so awesome and funny!

  • Diana

    Can you organize PITNB happy hours or something? Trent and Shannon go on tour and we can all meet all these awesome people!

    • Shannon

      Diana, I love this idea! We’ll gonna need a van… lol…

    • Serenity

      Or even an annual event. I vote for Cinco De Mayo weekend (mostly because I’m going to be near L.A. at that time).

    • Britney’sBitch

      Y’all can visit me in this God forsaken lann….wait, what country is this anyways?!

  • apriljan

    Love the sass! As always, thanks for the lurve! And for keeping up with baby mama Amber Rose for us (but I know it’s really just for me)!

  • Sandy!

    I’m alive. I watched Crazy, Stupid, Love. I’ll be okay.
    For now. :)

    • Shannon

      Sandy! glad to hear you’re in the land of the living. I watched ‘Blue Valentine’ after hearing the news. We’re all gonna make it, lol :)

  • Emily

    Akili & Shavonne FTW. Seriously.

  • Emily

    Ausetofegypt – what a story. Thanks for sharing. Keep your head high, I admire your resilience!