Will Justin Timberlake Play Daddy Warbucks In The New ‘Annie’ Movie?


So. There’s an awesome rumor going around that I just cannot stop thinking about… lmao. Okay. Here goes. You know that Annie remake we’ve been hearing about? My girl Quvenzhan√© Wallis was confirmed for the lead role a little while back, and we know that Jay-Z and Will Smith are producing. Now folks are saying that Justin Timberlake will play the pivotal role of… Daddy Warbucks?! Again I stress, this is just a rumor. Still… cray, right? Click inside to learn more!

Complex has the story:

Page Six and Vulture are reporting this afternoon that rumors are flying in Hollywood that Justin Timberlake will be playing the role of Daddy Warbucks in the upcoming Jay-Z and Will Smith-produced Annie remake. If the rumors are true, he’ll be playing opposite Quvenzhan√© Wallis.

One thing is for sure, he’ll have to shave those locks ASAP…

A SONY rep denied the rumor earlier this afternoon but “Hollywood sources” are allegedly buzzing with the news.

LMAO, I can’t. I dunno, I just can’t. I’m from the Albert Finney generation, so I’m just hella confused right now. But since Jay-Z and JT are teaming up on everything else, I fear that there may be some truth to these rumors.

But who am I to pre-judge? I have liked Justin’s acting over the years; maybe this isn’t the worst idea ever. And maybe it is, lol. Also, this remake is clearly going in its own direction in terms of casting, so I probably shouldn’t expect it to be like 1982 Annie. What do y’all think of this possible casting news?


  • Megan

    I am not OK with this!

  • Serenity

    I’ll say it: JT is not enough of a grown up to play Daddy Warbucks. I’m trying really hard to imagine it, but no. No.

    • nicole

      i agree. he just doesnt fit age wise

  • Emily

    No, no and no. Nothing about this is ok. Well, shaving his ridiculously flat ironed hair is ok, but everything else is a world of no. He’s too young and his voice is too high. Here’s hoping the producers cast appropriate people and not just their friends.

  • Alecia

    When JT says “show em who you call daddy” in Suit and Tie he wasn’t talking about that. Besides, it’s bad enough we gotta see Corey and Topanga as mommy and daddy- leave someone in the 90s to be kid free for a while.