Stephen Amell Of ‘Arrow’ Says He Has Been Approached For The ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Movie


Another day, another Fifty Shades Of Grey casting rumor! Last we heard, Emma Watson is not (I repeat, not) starring in the much-anticipated adaptation. Ryan Gosling’s out (who knows if he was ever, really in?) and now we’ve got another name popping up on the rumor mill. Stephen Amell of the CW’s Arrow has officially spoken out about the film, and says he’s even had meetings about taking on the role of Christian Grey. Click inside to learn more!

Indiewire has the story:

Now that Emma Watson has shot down the recent rumors regarding her casting in Hollywood’s hot erotic movie of the moment, “Fifty Shades Of Grey,” it’s time for the mill to churn again, and this time a new face has popped up as a contender. And this time, it’s for the male lead.
“Arrow” star Stephen Amell has revealed he’s been approached for the lead in the movie. “I get questions about Christian Grey all the time. That project is a long way off. I know this, because I had a meeting about it,” he explained in a recent video post to Facebook. “A long way off. I mean, not that long, but not close. I wouldn’t call it long, but I wouldn’t call it close.”

So, ladies, is this the right dude to play Christian Grey, the 28-year-old billionaire who gets kinky with the submissive, virginal Anastasia? We will say this — for anyone looking for a major A-list star to do this, don’t hold your breath. This is the way casting will probably go, as younger stars, more able to take risks in a role like this will likely land the leads. Unless Jake Gyllenhaal really wants to shake things up or something.

Actually, yes. I could kinda see Amell in this role. However, I’m basing this entirely on his look, because I haven’t actually seen any of his work.

It sounds like the movie is not happening anytime soon, but even so– do y’all see Arrow going Grey?


  • Shavonne

    NO!!! If Ian Smolder-Halder aka Damon Salvatore is not cast as Christian Grey I will boycott that movie so hard. And I’m pretty sure my opinion matters since I just gave birth to a 50 shades baby lol!!

    • @Shavonne — “I just gave birth to a 50 shades baby”

      LOL!! LOVE and congrats :D

    • Shannon

      Shavonne, Congratulations!!! Dare I ask… what exactly is a ’50 shades baby’?!?!?! LMAO… no don’t answer that. Or DO.

    • Shavonne

      You know, when a woman reads 50 shades and her body demands a baby to be put in it ASAP, which is funny bc I couldn’t even let my husband look at me when I read since I felt dirty lmao!

    • Shannon

      Shavonne, ‘You know, when a woman reads 50 shades and her body demands a baby to be put in it ASAP’– OMG. I lit’rally had to cover my mouth as I LOL’d to your comment. My 2 year-old is napping in the next room– please– I need some sort of warning next time. Kthanksbye.

  • YES, PLEASE! Ian Somerhalder is hot but IMHO Stephen Amell has more of that raw sexuality that I think the role requires. Ian is too pink-cheeked. Stephen is just … hot!

  • nicole

    i actually never thought of Stephen in the role, but now…hmm im intrigued. it works. someone make this happen.

  • Karen

    Not really interested in the movie, but I will watch anything Stephen Arnell is in just in case he takes his shirt off.

    Thank you for that photo, btw.

  • BKNY1999

    Stephen is just right for Christian Grey. He and Ian both have the smolder down, but Stephen has a broader built body and height that is more in line with Christian Grey than Ian.

    • @BKNY1999 — THANK YOU! I completely agree. Ian is too apple-cheeked, Stephen has a natural sexuality that fits the character perfectly, I think.

  • fab4runner

    I have been drooling over this dude since he was in Private Practice. I had a slight crisis when i realized he played Joran Van Der Sloot in a movie, but after consulting Facebook, I decided I still wanted to have his children.

    So in conclusion…YES PLEASE.

  • JeniLeeSK8

    I think he’d be great. He’s super hot and he’s got great acting chops in Arrow!

  • Joan

    I REALLY don’t think Stephen would go for it, to be honest. Or at least I hope not. He has always said he is not familiar with the books and that it would depend on the script. I mean, he would be a fool not to take “the meeting”, but my impression always was that, as soon as he familiarized himself with the “material”, he would run in the opposite direction. SAVE YOURSELF, STEPHEN!

    • Joan

      Side-comment: By “material” I don’t mean the sexual side of it. Stephen was in Hung, after all. But just the fact that, as a story, I think the 50 shades series is probably the weakest popular thing out there. Even far, FAR below Twilight.

  • Steph

    Sorry guys, but he’s not gonna play it. He said so himself. ;) he hated the book. And rightly so. It’s awful.