First-Time Mom Amber Rose Will Be A Guest On The New Ricki Lake Show


Amber Rose has been driving me cray-cray, y’all. She’s been all up on her Twitter, and all up on her Instagram page… and we have yet to behold the face of her new baby boy Sebastian! Aghhh! I mean, it’s fine… and I respect her right to withhold pictures as a new mom, lol. No, but seriously. I need to see that baby’s face! In the meantime, we have some other fun Amber-related news. The Ricki Lake Show is back, and I haven’t caught any of the new episodes, but I think I’m gonna have to tune in to this upcoming episode. Amber Rose (who’s a big fan of Ricki’s work) is the next guest and I understand she sat down to talk with Ricki about her life as a new Mom. Click inside to learn more!

So here’s the pic going around Twitter:

And Amber apparently had a great time, tweeting Hung out with @CindyCrawford & @RickiLake today! Insane pool parties at my house this summer ladies get ready :)

She also took to Twitter to show some lurve for the Miley Cyrus twerk video that’s on everyone’s mind:

Yo My girl @MileyCyrus Killed that Twerk video! Next Time Imma make it rain on her ( Grabs a stack of 1$) Lol U betta werk bitch ;-)

Yes, yes, that’s all awesome and stuff. But for reals. Where’s baby Bash?!

  • miguel

    I thought I read somewhere that the Ricki Lake show was getting cancelled?…

    I LOVED the Ricki Lake show back in the day, it was nothing short of ratchet. It was like a version of Jerry Springer that you could watch with your mom.

  • apriljan

    Look at her! She’s such a dream. Girl crushin fo sho. I do agree that Bash needs to make his appearance. I’m starting to tap my foot like Sonic the Hedgehog over here.