Amanda Bynes Tweets ‘I Want Drake To Murder My Vagina’


Last week we saw a bunch of photos of trainwreck Amanda Bynes showing off all her various wigs on her official Twitter profile. Last night, she took her erratic Twitter behavior to a new level. Seemingly out of nowhere, Amanda tweeted that she wants rapper Drake to “murder her vagina”, which sounded more like an invitation than a threat … but who can be sure where Amanda Bynes is concerned. But, if you go back over some of the tweets leading up to last night’s declaration, you’ll see that Amanda Bynes’s fascination with Drake is something that has been brewing for some time now.

Here is a selfie photo that Amanda posted on her official Twitter profile earlier this week along with a series of tweets that span the last couple of weeks, leading up to last night’s “murder” tweet:

@drake is a hot fellow :D / He’s Rocking That Incest Face / Please don’t take paparazzi pictures of me I like taking my own! / Only read my twitter for photos of me! / Baby corn & fried tofu / I created the phrase Ily & lololol. *proud* / If I’m not following you on twitter, I hate you / I want @drake to murder my vagina / Twerking out

After Amanda’s tweet started to pick up retweet steam last night, the hashtag #RIPAmandaBynes started trending. Sad. Reading Amanda Bynes’s Twitter feed is so confusing … it’s hard to keep her stream of consciousness straight. When taken in sum, her tweets really seem to be brain farts more than anything … but her desire to have Drake do murder to her reproductive parts is more disturbing than alluring. It’s unclear if Amanda Bynes plans to continue her melt down for show or because she’s truly mentally unstable but it is disconcerting to watch. No word on whether or not Drake plans to take Amanda up on her invitation but if she’s seriously willing, I’m guessing Drake might find the time to find a way to slay that vag for her.


  • Shannon

    Trent, LMAO at ‘slay that vag.’ Yeah, I guess that’s what the kiddies are into these days. Either way, it’s gonna be really awkward when they bump into each other, like, three weeks from now…

    • Dezden

      HAHAHAHAHAHA. I loved that part too, and yes… that would be an awkward interaction. Man, oh man.

  • Lulu

    I usually think to myself, man I wish I could talk to my 18yr old self and tell her some good advice. Amanda? Needs to take the advice from her sweet wholesome 18yr old self who would be horrified to see what she’s become.

    What happened to you Amanda?!?!?! :(

  • Alicia Mayo-White

    It’s time like these you really hope that someone hacked her account to post stuff like this, but probably not :(

  • JM

    “Slay that vag.”


  • Jstar

    The girl is obviously on drugs…

  • TorontoSarah

    Um, Trent, I’m going to disagree with this post….and with calling her a ‘trainwreck’. I’m going to suggest that – while she may be on narcotics – she could also be suffering from mental illness (I won’t armchair diagnose it) – but you get my point. Some narcotics also trigger first-episode break-downs.
    Just saying.

    • @TorontoSarah — Of course, the possibilities are endless. But Amanda has been photographed many times enjoying various illegal substances and while mental illness could be the cause of her erratic behavior, I’m willing to assume it’s reckless behavior that is to blame.

    • TorontoSarah

      Hi Trent…I know, I know…but that sometimes brings on …ah .well, you’re right, it could be anything. I just can’t help but cringe cringe cringe with her, though…this is the example of social media hurting someone…20 years ago, people’s breakdowns weren’t for millions to see…it’s pretty awful to watch, no matter what the reason is behind it, that’s all ;(

    • Steph

      You have to remember that more often than not, people with mental illness (particularly people going through psychotic breaks) are using substances. Working in them mental health field, we frequently have trouble teasing apart whether a symptom is drug related or part of a psychosis. Either way, this girl obviously needs help, and I can only hope someone helps her get it.

    • TorontoSarah

      Yeah…exactly…. I am cringing looking at this stuff…along with the million other people who are also part of the audience. Yikes. It’s terrible to see…and I have that thought of ‘this isn’t going to end well’. I’ve been in that place of saying things and doing things that were not of this reality (mental health and addiction stuff) – thank god, years ago – and I just feel like this is a window to Amanda Bynes’ decline or even demise. Terrible, really.

  • rOXy

    “her tweets really seem to be brain farts more than anything …” omgilylmao….. Trent, you are Optimus Prime of the blogoverse. Gold!

  • MJ

    Trent, LOL! Love it. I can sure see this catching on: “So, whatcha doin’ tonight?” “Oh, nothin’. Just goin’ to slay that vag!”

  • Kelly
  • ClaireMichelle

    I watched She’s the Man the other day and got the major sadz. I just wanna bring her back to earth.

    • EAW

      I know! She was so cute and funny in that movie. I miss that Amanda!

  • Michael

    This just makes me sad.
    heres the amanda i grew up with…

  • lyndsa

    a lot of people with mental illness use narcotics to self medicate…sometimes, without even knowing what they are doing or why they are doing it.

    this whole thing makes me sad. i used to love amanda bynes and i thought that she was especially fabulous in easy a. the world is watching as she self destructs :(

  • TorontoSarah

    Yeah, this really isn’t “LOL” stuff or a new catch-phrase. It’s someone’s decline in mental health. Just not funny to me, I guess, so: I’m the one who has to stop reading it, it’s not about you having to stop writing it, I guess.

    • Vicky

      If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time at all, I think you know that Trent does not mean any harm. Neither drug addiction or mental illness, whichever one it is she is suffering from, are “LOL” stuff – but it’s Trent’s job to blog about celebrities.