Here Are 20 Reasons Why The Lil Wayne Death Scare Was Kind Of A Huge Deal


As many of you know, Lil Wayne was reported to be on his deathbed… and it was kind of a huge deal. At least for me it was. When I first landed on the TMZ website I lit’rally sat there in a stupor, refreshing the page for 35-45 minutes. I really thought this was it for Weezy (especially since I always worried that his “fondness” for sizzurp was really an addiction to codeine). One thing that sucked was knowing that, even though he’s no longer, technically my favorite rapper, I had never taken the time to really, publicly declare that at one point he absolutely was! From about 2003-2008 he was insane! As in, insanely good, insanely lyrical, and pretty much genius. In 2007 he was featured on over 77 songs because if you wanted a hit, you were gonna need you some Lil Wayne. And he influenced so much of my creative writing in college that I wrote a bomb-ass collection of poems (no, trust me– they were bomb) inspired by my two literary heroes at the time: Toni Morrison and Lil Wayne. I was worried that I was gonna have to do some ridiculously sad, post-humous Throwback Thursday, and I’m so glad that Weezy F. Baby has officially been released from the hospital, and that I get to celebrate his awesomeness while he’s here. Click inside for just a handful of my all-time favorite Lil Wayne songs!

20 Reasons The Lil Wayne Death Scare Was Kind Of A Huge Deal

1. Tha Block Is Hot


I spent a significant amount of 9th grade listening to this song, and Lil Wayne’s first album Tha Block Is Hot. I wasn’t too sure about the Hot Boyz, but I had high hopes for Juvenile (omg, remember Ha?!) and Lil Wayne. Weezy’s voice was unique (okay… and kind of annoying), but I thought he was a good storyteller. Still, I had no idea I’d still be bumping him in 2013.

2. Shooter, Feat. Robin Thicke


When Robin Thicke dropped that new video today, I couldn’t help but think of this song. OMG… SO. EFFING… GOOD. And Robin got mad props from me, because Wayne so rarely had R&B dudes on his songs. Anyway this period of time is my absolute favorite in the grand narrative of Weezy.

3. Duffle Bag Boy, Playaz Circle Feat. Lil Wayne


This was definitely not Lil Wayne’s song, but we definitely couldn’t tell. That’s because this came out during that period of time where, if Weezy was on your track, it was his track. Awkward, but totally a reality. Oh, and shouts-out to Throwback 2 Chainz!

4. F-ck The World

Fun fact: Lil Wayne’s mother gave him permission to record his first album (Tha Block Is Hot) at age fourteen under one condition– that he agree not to use any curse words on the album. And wouldn’t you believe it, he listened to his mama. There was one exception and that was this song, one of my favorites (and his personal favorite of his own work), F-ck The World. This video has the lyrics in it, but I feel compelled to share the hook. Oh, and apparently I still cry when he gets to talking about his father (Rabbit) in the third verse. So yeah. It’s 1999 again up in this piece:

Look, I don’t curse, but in this verse man, fuck the world
I lost my father to a gun and made a little girl
And I’m still thuggin’ wit’ my niggas tryna’ keep it real
And I’m still doing for my mother and I’m payin’ bills

Again, I stress: HE WAS FOURTEEN!

5. Go DJ


I will never forget hearing this song for the first time and thinking… Oh shizz, is Lil Wayne about to blow up on some crossover/commercial ish?! I knew that this song was gonna launch a new version of Wayne (even his flow was different from his previous albums), and I was so psyched for him!!! I had no idea he’d be, like, skateboarding and… stuff… later, but hey. What are you gonna do? That’s why there’s always Throwback Weezy :)

  • lauren

    OMGGG. Shannon, seriously I have the *biggest* girl crush on you. My fave Lil Wayne era was definitely with the Hot Boyz… I can’t believe you didn’t post my faveee ever, Shine!

    Also, Bling Bling was a huge favorite in high school… before it became a household phrase. I remember my friend Rich and I singing/rapping the song during gym class while we played archery. :( True story.

    • nicole

      Shine! yessss! use to listen to that song everyday!

    • Shannon

      lauren, you effing rule!!!
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  • nicole

    Hustler Muzik & F-ck The World will forever be my fav Wayne songs

    • nicole

      actually i gotta Mirror to that list too cause well..Bruno Mars just makes everything great.

    • Shannon

      nicole, Mirror is great– that’ll make another Throwback list in a few years :)

      Hustler Muzik… may be in my top 10-15 favorite songs of all time, in the history of everdom.

  • Shannon

    OMG. NOOOO!!! EVERYONE!!! I forgot this one!!!
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  • Devonte Antonio

    You know…I may get some flack here but I really think Wayne has some Pac potential. As in, he is REALLY creative if you listen to his lyrics. Some are super clever and make me smile. As with “Tie My Hands” also, (another one with my baby daddy and Wayne) he has the ability to really say a message. I still cheese at how cute I think “Single” was and how you can hear him just smoking a joint and letting a flow out. It’s real artistry and I like when you can see and hear an artist just be creative. That being said, I feel like he looks like he would smell like pee and spit and that grosses me the eff out…kthxbye

    • nicole

      i would agree with the Pac potential in his old work. now? no. no way.

    • Shannon

      Devonte Antonio, ‘I really think Wayne has some Pac potential.’ UM. YES. And the truth is, Pac would have eventually made a few wack albums… and probably had a weird phase and we all would have been like ‘I miss the old ‘Pac.’ LOL. Lyrically, you cannot tell me Wayne is not a genius. I don’t care if we’re talking about lyrics from 2006, he still came up with them and they’re still genius, so there!

      All that being said… yeah. He be looking cray, lol!

  • Samantha

    I’m not a fan of Lil Wayne at all but I am thankful that he pushed out that baby that we all love, Drake and I loveeee me some Aubrey( even though I loved him back in the ‘fro day when he was just Jimmy, wayyy before he was Wheelchair Jimmy. lol)

  • apriljan

    Okay so you a goon, but what’s a goon to a goblin?! I loved A Milli!!

    Have you heard Kush!? KUSH IS THE POO.