Watch: Justin Timberlake Releases A Music Video For ‘Mirrors’


Last month, Justin Timberlake released the audio for his new song Mirrors for our listening pleasure. Last week, he performed that song live on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Today, we get to see the just-released music video for the song. As you can see above, the video tells a supercute love story … and then JT breaks it down and gets his boogie on in a hallway of mirrors. Symbolic. Check out the video and see what you think. Thus far, Mirrors is my favorite jam from his just-released new album The 20/20 Experience … do you think the music video represent the song well?

  • miguel

    OMG. The video had me tearing up. LOVE the song even more after watching the vid. :D

  • Sam

    Trent, it’s your favourite released jam or your favourite jam from the whole album?

    • @Sam — It’s the song I keep playing from the whole album, I’m hoping for a remix so I can add it to my running mix.

  • nicole

    everything about this is just perfect. and with this being about his grandparents..well it just pulls at the heart strings even more. the swarovski box kind of took away from it for a moment, but i got over it. oh JT how i love you.

  • janaegal

    I’d always thought this song was about Jessica Biel, since it sort of talks about a guy getting his sh!t together and making it work with his love. But I love the direction they took in the video.

    So far I’m loving Pusher Love Girl, it’s been on repeat for daysss now.

  • Akili

    1. The breakdown at the end of this song slays me every time.

    2. So. Is this hairstyle gonna be permanent?

    3. Die for those shoes, JT!

    4. Cute video!

  • Alecia

    I love that it’s about his grandparents. It’s almost like the real life opening to Up which just thinking about makes me cry like a four year old in need of a nap. So sweet and so profound.

  • Iris B

    This video made me want to cry.
    Ugh! Love it.

  • Whit

    It’s sweet that he did this for his grandparents. I’m still confused about the ring drop, maybe he just need an intro to his own video?

    • nicole

      what i read was its suppose to represent him carrying on this love with Jessica. if thats true, i dont know.