Police Find Marijuana On Rihanna’s Tour Bus


I know this may come as a a COMPLETE SHOCK but authorities on the US border to Canada found a “small amount” of marijuana on one of Rihanna’s tour busses. I know, I know … I hope you’re sitting down while reading this. Those of you who follow Rihanna on any one of her various social networks knows that the girl LOVES to show off photos depicting her love of marijuana so it really is QUITE SHOCKING that authorities would think to search her tour bus for the illegal substance. Imagine that.

From dressing up as Mary Jane for Halloween to posting pictures of weed bouquets on Instagram, Rihanna has often flaunted her fondness for marijuana. Luckily, though, she’s not in the middle of this newest pot-related heat. TMZ reports that a total of 10 buses being used to transport her camp during her “Diamonds World Tour” were stopped at the border between Michigan and Canada. Authorities allegedly caught the scent of marijuana on one of the buses and sent on a drug-sniffing dog. The dog reportedly sniffed out a passenger with a “small amount” of weed and the passenger was charged with a civil penalty. Rihanna was not on any of the tour buses at the time of the incident.

Now, I’m going to take a complete stab in the dark and guess that IF Rihanna had been on the bus than authorities might’ve found more than a “small amount” of marijuana during their search. I guess it’s a good think that Ri Ri travels on her own, away from prying police eyes and searches :)


  • janaegal

    What’s shocking is that it was a small amount.

  • ausettofegypt

    Come on ladies, I know someone out there can sing! We need some newbies, cause this ish is so old. Next…