Romeo Beckham Really Loves Romeo Beckham


Last December we learned that 10 year old Romeo Beckham became a model for Burberry and as a result, he picked up a few fans of his own. Apparently, Romeo’s biggest fan is none other than … Romeo himself. The young Beckham was spotted taking a photo with his iPhone and as you can see in the photo below, he has a picture of himself on his iPhone case. Other 10 year olds might have photos of their favorite pop stars or superheroes on their mobile phone cases but Romeo decided he wanted a photo of himself. LOL! Amazing!

Romeo Beckham is certainly going through his rites of passage quickly. At ten-years-old he already has a modelling campaign under his belt and has managed to grow out of teen sensation Justin Bieber. David and Victoria Beckham’s young son has swapped his iPhone Bieber cover for something slightly more grown-up – a picture of himself. Either the youngster has grown out of the Baby singer or the 10-year-old was one of hundreds of fans who were kept waiting after the Canadian turned up almost two hours late for his London O2 gig. Burberry model Romeo showed off his new snazzy phone cover as he watched his footballer dad David’s Paris Saint-Germain team beat rivals AS Nancy-Lorraine 2-1. Just a year earlier the youngster was spotted with the same phone but a Bieber cover as he watched basketball with his dad in Los Angeles.

Hahahhahaha!! Romeo ditched his Bieber phone case for a case with his own photo on it, that’s a pimp right there. I’d bet any money that little Romeo has also decked out his phone wallpaper with a photo of himself, you know … to make his case. This kid is awesome, and he knows it :D

[Photo credit: Xposure; Source]

  • Ama

    ” Other 10 year olds might have photos of their favorite pop stars or superheroes on their mobile phone cases” It kind of makes me sad that it’s normal for 10 year olds to have cell phones(I mean, smart phones, etc- I know some that have ‘kid’ phones, where it only allows them to call their parents/emergency numbers-that’s fine).

    It’s good to know when you’re awesome though :) Just hope he doesn’t get too big of an ego!

    • Ama

      Or I should say ‘Hoe he doesn’t become a Narcissist” XD

    • Ama

      ffff- That was suppose to be ‘hope’ not ‘hoe’ XD ugh, okay I’m going to stop now.

  • lela

    Its the Beckhams, it could be a way to tell whose iphone is whoms.

    • @lela — hahaha true.

  • Dezden