Britney Spears Shows Her Generosity By Giving A Homeless Man $100


Yesterday we saw amazing photos of our dear Britney Spears looking utterly AMAZING as she flaunted her hot bod at her sons’ soccer game on Sunday. Today we learn that Britney is not only beautiful on the outside but she is also beautiful on the inside. It is being reported today that Britney happened upon a down on his luck homeless man who asked her for some change and she gave the man $100 free and clear. I mean … does this woman sound like a saint or what?

Britney Spears has reportedly given money to a homeless man who asked for her help. The singer was walking past the man outside a Los Angeles drugstore when he spoke to her, Showbiz Spy reports. He said: “Please help me… I’m at the end of my rope!” Spears then walked to a nearby ATM where she withdrew five $20 notes and proceeded to hand them to him. He is said to have then given her a hug while thanking her. A source added: “The store’s security guard came running and snatched the money out of the guy’s hand, shooing him away. But Britney said, ‘No!… No! Give this man his money back! I gave it to him!’ She’s often seen as a wacky diva, but most times her heart’s in the right place,” they finished. Spears was photographed with ex-husband Kevin Federline at their children’s football game over the weekend. The singer has two sons, Sean Preston, 7, and Jayden James, 6.

As amazingly heartwarming as this story is … I’m afraid that I must confess that I don’t believe it … entirely. I suppose it’s possible that Britney gave the homeless guy some money but I highly doubt she withdrew $100 from the ATM and handed it over. Call me crazy but the quotes from the “source” sound completely made up. Still, fake story or not, I am happy to believe that Britney is a generously kind soul who is worthy of sainthood. Praise Godney!


  • rOXy

    Hafta agree this is probably a fake story. It just sounds made up. The “end of my rope” quote is cheesy and she probably carries that kind of small change in her wallet and wouldn’t have to go to an ATM. However, I have no doubt she has a giving heart and wouldn’t think twice about helping someone out in this way.

  • daniel

    she’s done it before!

  • Vicky

    Sadly… he probably used the money to buy booze or drugs, but it was very thoughtful and generous of her nonetheless.

    • i can’t stand people who talk without thinking!!!!

      Vicky, thanks for that silly, useless and immature comment.

    • Serenity

      @Vicky The last time I said something like this, my dad very calmly said, “I want you to think about everything you’ve been blessed with in life: a family who loves you and protects you, the ability to find work easily, never having had to struggle. Now, I want you to imagine exactly what it would take for you to end up on the streets addicted to drugs or alcohol. You’ve never had to fall that far or hard, so you need to think about that whenever you want to criticize these people.”

    • Krissy

      I do agree that we shouldn’t judge other people, but the sad fact is that many people who are homeless are stuggling with addiction issues (I believe it is around 40%). I think helping the homeless is incredibly important. I also don’t think that it is cruel or judgemental to acknowledge the risks that can be involved when giving someone cash (that they might use it to harm themselves). For myself, I like to donate directly to organziations that help the homeless because they can usually feed many people for the price of one meal at a fast food place (etc.). The homeless charity I support also has special services for addiction.

      I don’t think Vicky’s comment was harsh, judgemental, insulting or criticizing. She said, “sadly” and that the act was thoughtful and generous. If she had insulted the man, I could see the outrage, but she was just acknowledging statistics, sad as they may be.

    • Smita

      Depends on what statistics you are looking at and who you are studying.
      Has anybody done a study on alcohol and drug addiction among people who aren’t homeless?
      And that is the always the problem. You will always find “studies” about the marginalized, never the privileged. But here’s one anyway:

  • MJ

    Cynics and skeptics, stage left, please.

    Where has the golden rule gone? It was her intention to help a poor man. That was it. What the man does with it, is out of her hands. I wish people thought more how that little gesture meant so much to that man. Because, for Britney that was like giving the man 5 bucks. If you’re that concerned about someone using the money to buy booze/drugs, buy him a sandwich.

    I sure wish people were less quick to judge and sent more positive vibes out into the world.

    • Serenity

      I’ve heard that a lot of homeless people won’t take unsealed food (or will throw it away uneaten) because they’ve had problems with people trying to poison them. Maybe offer to go into the sandwich shop with the homeless person and buy them whatever they want?

    • MJ

      I’d never heard of that…it’ss so incredibly sad. I wonder about people sometimes.

  • Diana

    We are all one mistake away from becoming the people we pity and/or judge.

    • @Diana — That is the absolute truth.

    • Emily

      @Diana – beautiful statement. Way to give everyone some perspective.

    • rOXy

      @Diana: I’m putting that on a sticky. Nice!

  • HollyMolly

    Well I don’t know about all this but I adore her in that hair color. She looks fabulous.

  • Megan

    The comments got serious, but I gotta mention your pun, Trent! The giving spearit….ahaha

  • blondie_s88

    dont ruin the story trent lol