Disney Releases The First Mickey Mouse-ified ‘Star Wars’ Promo Image


Last October we learned the somewhat surprising news that the Walt Disney Company purchased the Lucasfilm Company (including all of its properties, like Star Wars and Indiana Jones) for a little over $4 billion dollars. Since that sale took place, we’ve been hearing a lot about the forthcoming release of new Star Wars films from the Disney Company. But it wasn’t until this week that Disney decided to release the first Star Wars promo image that shows the world that the Mouse is Boss of the Star Wars universe now. Click below to see the just released Mickey Mouse-ified Star Wars promo image and get your first taste of the new world order.

I have bad news for the five people who believe that Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm would lead to the destruction of the perfect and completely unspoiled Star Wars franchise. It’s happened! Yes, Disney has desecrated the integrity of these beloved movies by merging it with its own cartoon characters, in this despicable attempt to advertise May 17th’s Star Wars Weekend at Disney World! I joke, of course. Lucas has already authorized a shit-ton of Disney/Star Wars mash-up merchandise already over the last decade, so this idea is hardly new. Mostly, I thought it would be fun to see Disney’s first use of the franchise since they acquired it. Also, I really like the idea of Chip and Dale as Ewoks, who, as we all know, eat both the living and the dead. It explains a great deal about Rescue Rangers to me, frankly. And to anyone who is actually freaking out over this completely innocent poster, please remember: LucasFilm was paying people in Star Wars costumes to embarrass themselves at Star Wars Weekends long before Disney ever bought Star Wars.

LOL. Yes, Disney has been Disneyfying the Star Wars characters for years ever since George Lucas allowed his characters to appear at Disneyland and Walt Disney World … so images like this new one aren’t new. BUT, it does underscore the fact that Disney now owns and can with whatever it likes with the Star Wars characters. In the long run, I know that Disney will take good care of the Star Wars characters. The characters of Star Wars will now live on FOREVER in the able care of Disney.