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The beautiful high 70-degree weather here in SoCal was just too hard to resist yesterday so I finally managed to get out of the house and enjoy it. For the past few days, I’ve been chillin’ in my home doing a whole lotta nothing but yesterday, I decided to get out and enjoy the fresh air. I didn’t really leave the house with an agenda, I just wanted to get outside and soak up the sun. I decided to go for a long walk along Melrose Ave. and, wouldn’t you know it, I inadvertently did some shopping. I’m basically blaming it on the beautiful weather :D

I remember the first time I visited Melrose Ave. way back in the early 00’s. My friend Adriana had moved from Michigan to California to do her graduate work at CalArts and my BFF Sarah and I jumped at the chance to visit almost as soon as she moved here. Every visit to LA required that we make our way to Melrose to go shopping. Back in the day, as you may know, I wore a lot more black clothing and there is no place better in LA to go shopping for really cool rock chic clothing than Melrose. I don’t do much shopping on Melrose these days … partly because I’m much less “rocky” in my dress and partly because Melrose is now so easily accessible. I do love walking the avenue tho because it is a veritable art gallery of street art. On my stroll I happened upon a really effing cool leather jacket distressed and customized by LA Roxx that, well, I had to have. I mean, it’s gross how many jackets I already have but, well, when I start my rock band one day, I’ll be all set for jackets. The only downside to all this beautiful weather is that it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to wear outerwear here in SoCal but it does get chilly at night still … and I do have an NYC trip coming up that will require outerwear so … yeah. I can justify the purchase of anything, to be honest :D

After my Melrose excursion, I met up with Alek and Steph for a quick late dinner and then I fell asleep at around 10PM while reading. I’M A WILD AND CRAZY GUY, as you can tell. Tonight, my friend Gillian and I are going to see Lynda Carter LIVE in concert. Yes, THE Lynda Carter of Wonder Woman fan. Gillian and I saw her perform a few years ago and we loved her so much we decided to see her again. It shall be fun. I hope you are having a great Thursday! Happy almost Friday!

  • Shannon

    Trent, ‘when I start my rock band one day, I’ll be all set for jackets’ LMAO! That jacket is fire, though :)

  • Krissy

    “I’M A WILD AND CRAZY GUY, as you can tell”

    Lol, so cute!

  • Shannon m.

    I love your jacket (apparently so much I just misspelled ‘jacket’ 3 times)

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