Kate Middleton Refers To Her Royal Baby Bump As ‘Our Little Grape’


Earlier this month the moderately pregs Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, may or may not have accidentally revealed that she is incubating a girl fetus in her womb. Today we learn that Kate and hubby Prince William have the cutest little nickname for her teeny, tiny baby bump … the royal couple refers to her bump as “our little grape”. Is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever heard? Plus we hear that the mom-to-be is fond of prenatal yoga and is craving donuts. So, yeah, she’s basically a pregnant woman.

All parents-to-be nickname their unborn babies, and it seems the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are no different. Kate and William have given their baby, due in July, the moniker ‘Our Little Grape’ – a foetus being the size of a grape at nine weeks – according to American magazine US Weekly. And with only a few months to go until HRH The Baby of Cambridge makes his or her appearance in July, mother-to-be Kate is making sure she stays fit and healthy right up until the birth. The Duchess of Cambridge is well-known for a love of rigorous exercise, but has reportedly swapped her high-impact running habit with gentler power walks, taken several times a week accompanied her black Cocker spaniel Lupo, ‘just to increase her heart rate a little’. Kate has also employed an instructor to give her private prenatal yoga classes at Kensington Palace, a source told the magazine. And Prince William’s wife is said to be giving in to her sweet-toothed cravings. The insider said ‘She’s got sugar on the brain. Chocolates, biscuits, cake. When she sneaks off to a nearby Starbucks for a decaf coffee, she’ll often pick up a baked good!’

I guess until Kate begins to show more pronouncedly, this is the kind of information we’ll have to sate ourselves with until the little PRINCESS is born in July. I understand that many couples like to nickname their baby bumps in the early stages of pregnancy. I believe Tori Amos used to call her bump little Blueberry … which inspired her friend and author Neil Gaiman to compose a poem about Tori’s Blueberry Girl. I like the idea of Wills and Kate referring to their baby bump as little grape. It’s enough to make one squeal with cute delight, ain’t it?


  • AwesomeMargie

    I referred to my son as The Kid. Sometimes I still do. I just didn’t want to share his name with everyone. It was my last secret to own.

  • Alicia A. Bentley

    Didn’t Gwenyth Paltrow call her 1st baby bump “grape”? If it wasn’t her, someone did. Meh, I’m over it. :/

  • Lauren xx

    I love that she is a real person. I just want to hug her, but I don’t want her guards to tackle me. :/ First world problems.