Here Are 15 Reasons Why Everyone Will Always Love The Neptunes


Last week we had a very, mini Throwback Thursday, but it was still a really good time. This week I’m going in y’all, lol. The friggen Neptunes (AKA N.E.R.D.) are everything!!! Earlier today we learned that one of Jay-Z’s big time producers premiered a new remix to one of my fave songs, and I was reminded of the fact that [good] producers make the world go ’round. And a conversation about the best producers ever needs be a conversation about The Neptunes. Whatever you do, do not go to Wikipedia because you will be blown away by the gabillions of hits these guys have; it’s sick. And for their hard work, we thank them. Click inside for just a few of their greatest hits!

15 Reasons Why Everyone Will Always Love The Neptunes

1. Britney, I’m A Slave 4 U


PITNBRs, you already know. It’s Throwback Britney, bitch! And since I spent most of my late teens avoiding all things pop, this song was a huge deal because hip-hop heads were finally allowed to unapologetically bump some Britney. The Neptunes bring the world together y’all.

2. Kelis, Get Along With You


Tim Burton heads stand up, lol! This was absolutely one of my favorite videos from back in the day. And Kelis was one of the first artists to put me on to The Neptunes, although they’d already been around for quite some time. Anyway, although Get Along With You is one of my faves, it’d be wrong not to post Caught Out There, another unforgettable Neptunes-produced track:


3. Noreaga, Superthug

This. Beat. Is. Eeeeeverything. Everyone stop. Just stop what you’re doing. Stop. Okay, yeah. I can’t. The video is so ridiculous, I love it! 1998 makes life happy. Kelis on the hook makes life happy. N.O.R.E. makes life happy. Sigh. Nobody talk to me.

4. Jay-Z, I Just Wanna Love You (Give It 2 Me)


This is probably the greatest video ever. Lil’ Kim? Lil’ Cease? Pops AKA John Witherspoon? That effing video girl with her ridiculous body and short hair that can effing go somewhere/I nearly died when she put on Jay-Z’s shades? Aghhh! LMAO. Oh, and yeah. R.I.P. Throwback Roc-A-Fella crew (Memphis Bleek, Beans, and the boy Dame Dash).

5. Clipse, Grindin’


Wait. Stop. This beat. Is Everything, lol! Also, don’t tell anyone. But I sorta, kinda wanna make proverbial babies with, like, two people in this video who shall remain nameless (it’s Pharrell and Pusha T, BTW). Oh, and make sure you wait for the beat to really drop at 2:19. Trust me, ish gets real at 2:19.

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  • JM


    I was so sprung off of pusha t in the clipse days. That song was hot fiya. This list is hot fiya. We need to be friends. Thanksss.

    • Shannon

      JM, we ARE friends. Mainly because you wrote out ‘hot fiya’ exactly as I do when I’m writing out ‘hot fiya,’ which isn’t often enough, apparently. Thank YOU.

  • Iris B

    Kindred spirit…oh myyyyyyy.
    THIS IS THE (2nd…after P!nk’s Throwback) BEST THROWBACK EVER! EVER EVER EVER EVER!!!!!!

    Oh sweet memories of Lapdance and Grinding playing while I’m walking my high school hallway, thinking I’m all badass and those I don’t like better fall back.


    • Shannon

      Iris B, ‘thinking I’m all badass and those I don’t like better fall back.’ LMAO!!! I KNOW right?! Kindred spirits indeed :)

  • Lacey Kost

    Oh man….clipse was my fave in high school!! Pharrell was and still is the hottest…I had the BIGGEST crush on him in high school :) thanks for bringing me back to those days Shannon!!

    • Shannon

      Lacey Kost, so glad you enjoyed!

  • Kayla

    This throwback is EVERYYYTHING!

    I had the hugest crush on Pharrell back in the day. Okay, so maybe also a little bit right now in this day too.

    Those proverbial babies you spoke of? Back off!! They’re mine!

    • Kayla

      P.S. I’m a hustler baby, I just want you to knowwww

      This will not get out of my head now! (But also, do I really want it to?)

    • Shannon

      Kayla, are we really about to beef over some proverbial babies? Yes, yes I think we are. LMAO! So glad you enjoyed this one :)

    • Kayla

      Hahahaha. After taking a night to cool off from our heated beef I have been listening to neptunes tracks ALLL DAY!

      There are a couple I cannot resist sharing..

      Ol’ Dirty Bastard feat. Kelis, Got Your Money

      N’Sync feat. Nelly, Girlfriend

      No Doubt, Hella Good

      And I will make myself stop here.


  • nicole

    Neptunes = one of the best things to happen to the music industry.
    ‘Grindin’ is/was my jam! i just realized its been a while since i’ve heard it. gotta go give it a few (hundred) listens.

    • Shannon

      nicole, ‘one of the best things to happen to the music industry.’ Yes, yes, yes. They are geniuses, that’s really all there is to it. I’m still listening to Grindin’ (24 hours later) so yeah. Enjoy!

  • Alecia

    Pharrell and Chad had some of the best jams ever! I saw a post on Complex of the top 50 Neptunes beats and really they could’ve added more.
    My Neptunes faves include Girlfriend by N’Sync, Nothin’ by NORE (what happened to dude by the way), Wanna Luv U Girl (AKA the Robin Thicke is fiiiiiiine jam), and my boo JT’s Like I Love You. I’d also like to include Diddy by Diddy (say what you want but that was the beat), and Pass the Courvesier which had to be one of the best Busta Rhymes’ videos of all time. Okay I could go on all day but man did I love them back in the day and yes what girl didn’t like Pharrell do his poor man’s Prince falsetto.

    • Kayla

      Nothin’ By NORE?!?!!??! AHHHHH. I cannot leave this post alone! My whole day is going to be spent on Neptunes music now… Homework is just gonna have to wait!

  • Alecia

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I still say dang Pharrell is stil foine! And you had some jams on there but I’d include Robin Thicke’s Wanna Love You Girl, Like I Love You by JT, and Nothin’ by NORE (what happened to him?)
    Awesome post!

  • miguel



    LOOORD, I feel old, but these songs were my JAAAAMZZZ back in the day…

    + SLAVE 4 U.

  • MJ

    Oh, Shannon! Watch yo’ self ’cause it’s getting hot in herre! This sh!…is B.A.N.A.N.A.S! LOVE. IT.