Watch: This Is What ‘Game Of Thrones’ Might’ve Looked Like Back In 1995

Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant
Days of Yore

Pink readers Nad and Alicia pointed me in the direction of this hilariously brilliant viral video that is going around that reimagines what the HBO series Game of Thrones might’ve looked like had it been produced back in the mid-90′s. Hearkening back to the days of Xena: Warrior Princess, Heracles and Highlander, the video clip above shows us what GoT might’ve looked like had it come out back in the day. The clip is expertly conceived, right down to the video tracking marks that make the clip look like it was ripped from a VHS cassette. I think you Game of Thrones fans will love it as much as I do. Enjoy!

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  1. This made my day!

  2. Knew you would like it ;)

  3. Nad

    Haha glad you liked it!

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