Watch: ‘Glee’ Puts Its Spin On Paula Abdul’s ‘Cold Hearted’


Tomorrow night Glee will pay homage to Paula Abdul’s 1989 music video Cold Hearted which is, in turn, a tribute to the famed Bob Fosse film All That Jazz. Those of you who remember Paula’s video may recall how racy it was at the time for MTV (if memory serves, the video was relegated to airing after dark so as no to “offend” sensitive eyes in the daytime) but was nowhere as racy as the scene is is based on in All That Jazz. This version of Cold Hearted, done Glee style, isn’t racy at all. In fact, it’s kinda boring … even tho actress Naya Rivera is a phenomenal performer. Meh. I’ve long since given up on Glee … but I got mad love for Paula Abdul and her song Cold Hearted so I present the video above for your entertainment. If you so desire, you can click below and watch the original Cold Hearted music video by Paula Abdul and Take Off with Us performance from All That Jazz.

  • LiQue

    i used to like glee but as you said trent they take something pretty amazing and make it soulless so i gave up on it a looong time ago.

  • Paul

    Naya Rivera is a better singer than Paula Abdul on the song, but the advantage Paula’s video and the All That Jazz video had was the choreography. Zach Woodlee, the choreographer on Glee is not up to the choreography of Abdul and certainly not the late, great Bob Fosse. The Glee version has dancers spending more time moving the sets around than actually dancing.

    • @Paul — “Naya Rivera is a better singer than Paula Abdul on the song”

      Blasphemy!!!!!!!!! >=(

  • Thomas

    Didn’t they kind-of do this routine earlier in the season with Lea Michelle singing “Oops…I Did It Again”?