New ‘Island Fantasy’ Fragrance Promo Features An Old Photo Of Britney Spears


In early February we learned that our dear Britney Spears is readying the release of a new fragrance called Island Fantasy. Today, we get our first look at a new promo image for the perfume … but, as pointed out by Breathe Heavy, the photo is just an old promo photo that is being recycled for use AGAIN. Previously, this promo image of Britney was used in campaign photos for Britney’s Cosmic Radiance and Fantasy Twist fragrances. It would appear that Britney really loves the photo (or she just really hates posing for new photos) because it’s being used again for Island Fantasy.

I mean … yes, it’s a good photo of Britters but … do we really need to see it over and over and over again? I’m sure there are lots of great previously unseen photos that could be used for this new campaign … or, better yet, how about Britney take an afternoon to pose for new photos? I know she’s been bizzy buying art and going to her son’s soccer games but … c’mon. As lovely as this photo is, here’s hoping it’s the last time we see it used for a new campaign.


  • nicole

    using the same photo that many times just seems lazy – and not on her part, but her peoples part. like you said, there has to be plenty of unseen photos they could use.

  • Becca

    Something’s allways looked off to me in this photo. If you look closely it totally looks like all the hair on “our” right side has been photoshopped in from the eyebrow down. Like she had her hair swooped back on both sides originally.
    I dunno. Couldn’t they just have taken a photo both ways…
    Just looks dumb to me.
    Wait a sec! I just now totally see it’s true. The hair on her left side is an exact reflection of the hair on her right side! They’ve just moved it down an inch or so! LOOL!
    (The things that keep me up at night… =))

  • Natalie Spears