First Look: Taylor Swift Releases A Music Video For Her New Single ’22’


Taylor Swift appears to have put the drama behind her and has decided to get back to the business of releasing new music and new music videos. Earlier today, Taylor debuted the music video for her new single 22 on Good Morning America … which you can watch in full above. As you can see the video appears to have been shot entirely using Instagram-like filters … which is apropos, I think, considering how hipster-driven the clip appears to be (fake glasses and all). For me, this isn’t one of Taylor’s better singles but I’m certain Swift fans will be satisfied. What do y’all think? Do you like?

  • LiQue

    she looks like Debbie Gibson in electric youth…

  • ClaireMichelle

    What I love about this video is that it is exactly how my friends and I would be if we filmed a music video. So fun and silly and ridiculous. Just like my friends and me. Also, the song makes me sad that I’m not even 22 anymore.

  • Tori

    Is that Vanessa from Gossip Girl? Or just someone who looks like her?

    • @Tori — I think it’s really her, actress Jessica Szohr

    • Akili

      I convinced myself it wasn’t Jessica Szohr because in my mind she’s too cool to be friends with Taylor Swift. Hopefully this was a paid gig…

  • HeatherLea1340

    I love when she jumps in the pool at the end. Good finish for a video that looks like it was a blast to shoot! And, I will admit I’ve danced around my room drinking to this song a few times. Wasn’t expecting it to be a single, but it’s a nice change of pace from the usual boy-bashing anthems or ballads from her. It’s a through and through silly, go out and party with your girls song, just like the video illustrates. :)

  • Megan

    I’m turning 22 in 2 weeks so this will be pretty much on repeat on mi iPhone for a while!

  • smASH

    Is it weird that I now want a headband with cute cat ears??