Welp, It Looks Like The ’24’ Movie Isn’t Going To Happen After All


Since 2010 (at least) we’ve been hearing reports of the forthcoming production and release of 24: The Movie and back in 2011 we heard that the movie would “definitely” be released in 2012. Well, 2012 came and went and the movie hasn’t even started filming production. Last year we heard that the movie would come to life sometime in 2013 but now, according to director Antoine Fuqua we’re hearing that the 24 movie probably won’t happen at all … WHICH REALLY SUCKS!

The Playlist asked for a status update on 24 during a recent interview with the director. His response wasn’t so optimistic:

“Yeah, that’s not happening. I don’t think it’s gonna happen at all, definitely not with me. I met with Kiefer [Sutherland], Fox wanted to do it, it was a matter of his schedule before he went off to do his new show [Touch]. […] I don’t think he was able to get a proper agreement with Fox. The time just passed, and I went off to go to what I was doing.”

The word last year was that the shoot had been delayed due to budgeting and scheduling issues. More specifically, Sutherland was tied up with Touch, and unhappy with Fox’s salary offer on top of that. Fuqua’s comments indicate that those rumors were right on target. At the time, the hope was that 24 could still come together to shoot by spring 2013 or so. Now that we’re actually in spring 2013, it’s obvious that timeline was too optimistic.

As of now, we’re three years out from the end of the 24 series. The opportunity to strike while the iron is hot has passed, and although there are still plenty of fans who remember the series fondly I’m guessing most of them have moved on from thinking about it by now. Maybe Fox can still turn it around, but it’ll take some time to find a new director — by which point interest will probably have waned even further.

Damnit! I had a feeling this was going to happen. I’m not sure why Kiefer Sutherland and Fox decided to focus on the TV series Touch (which, in all honestly, isn’t very good and won’t likely live to see a season 3) in lieu of moving ahead with 24: The Movie but if it really did come down to money, that would be a crappy way to let the 24 franchise die. I agree, the time to capitalize on the popularity of 24 the series has long passed so … with each day (month, year) that passes, the likelihood that we’ll ever see the further adventures of Jack Bauer on the big screen becomes less and less a probability. This is bummer news for 24 fans but, as is very likely, chances are many of them have already forgotten all about the world of 24 by now :(


  • janaegal

    I mean, really, they should have done the movie and postponed his new series. Because had the movie been successful, and chances are it would have been, then that would have upped the buzz factor for the series.

  • Nathan

    I don’t see this happening, mostly because of how much time has passed since the series ended. If it does happen, I can’t see it being a box office success.