Watch: Ryan Gosling Plans A Bank Robbery In A New Clip For ‘The Place Beyond The Pines’


Ryan Gosling’s The Place Beyond The Pines hits theatres at the end of the month and I am sooo ready… I think! We recently saw a clip from the movie featuring Eva Mendes and Bradley Cooper, and today we get to check out Ryan Gosling (you’re welcome, PITNBr apriljan) alongside co-star Ben Mendelsohn. The actors play two confident criminals, getting ready to pull off a bank heist. Even though the drama is palpable, there’s some humor here too, which is a good sign. Plus, I immediately fell in love with Ben’s character… lol. Peep the video for more!


  • apriljan

    My heart palpitated. Thank you! They should’ve had this clip first!

  • deen

    why keep posting clips that get taken off?
    A waste of time for everyone

    • @deen — OY! Yeah, if the person who uploads the video takes it down or makes it private, we have no control over whether or not it will work. A replacement clip will be sought out.