Watch: Justin Timberlake Performs ‘Suit & Tie’ And ‘Mirrors’ On ‘Saturday Night Live’


So last night Justin Timberlake hosted Saturday Night Live and officially joined the SNL Five-Timer’s Club. We’ll check out some of the skits from the episode in a little bit, but I had to get this video up of him performing Suit & Tie with Jay-Z (who looked adorable, BTW). JT totally, not-so-subtly responded to Kanye West’s diss of the new song. Y’all remember Kanye came out a while back and said he wasn’t feelin’ the Suit & Tie movement (and many of us saw where he was coming from, as an artist), so JT responded by changing some of the lyrics in his second verse. Instead of Sh-t so sick/Got a hit and picked up a habit, he sings My hits so sick/Got rappers acting dramatic. LMAO. Awwww shizz! The beef is officially on y’all, lol! And now, we are forced to choose sides. Sigh. Well, y’all should already know I’m on Team Yeezy, even though I do like JT’s new singles. Peep the video above for more and click inside to check out Justin’s performance of Mirrors.

Justin Timberlake: Mirrors



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  • Gillian

    I can’t help but focus on his hair…. What IS going on? Is Jessica helping him blow it out everyday? Did he start using relaxer? What happens if he doesn’t straighten it? Is it like a poodle fro from his NSYNC days? I NEED to know!!

  • Linnea

    Kanye is a douchebag.. Always team JT

    • Jstar

      AGREED!!! get over yourself Kanye!

  • Dezden

    LMAO… how did I miss this last night? Love it and him and all that jazz.

    Y’all, I’m headed to NYC tomorrow… Wednesday is my free-est day… gonna try to get Fallon standby tix to see my boo Justin. Cross your fingers for me! I know it’s a fatttttttttt chance, but hey.

    • Shannon

      Dezden, good luck!!!

  • Kiki


  • Iris B

    I’m laughing at the changed lyrics…but yet, Jay still is on the song and still does not mind performing live with JT, even though he dissed his “best friend” KW. Kanye better be careful before he becomes the next Dame Dash. He has to remember not to mess with Jay’s money LOL!

    • Iris B

      And yes, I remember all the times when *NSYNC / BSB was being “dissed” by Eminem, and I do recall how the boy-bands never responded. Which was the best action. I think it would have been better if Justin did not even acknowledge it at all.

    • Shannon

      Iris B, ‘Kanye better be careful before he becomes the next Dame Dash’– NOOOOOoooooooooooo!!!! LMAO, you’re so wrong for that! And sooo right, lol!

  • Whit

    I’m always Team Timberlake. I think that it’s all harmless fun, as Iris B. pointed out Justin used to not respond but he’s grown now not 16 as he was in *Nsync.

    If Kanye is grown enough to mention his music, no matter the intent he needs to be prepared for a response.

    But I doubt this will go any further, cause Jay don’t play that.

    • Iris B

      Lol, nahhh Jay doesn’t let “beefs” get in the way of business. I am amused by it all.

  • nicole

    i kind of loved it lol. it was just so unlike JT & so unexpected. then to have Jay come out. you know Kanye shed a few tears

    • Iris B


  • cutitout

    That was cute, I really did not see Kanye’s statement as a “diss” to the song as much as it was about the suit/ tie / corporate world metaphor but it was clever none the less. Justin is a bit touchy when folks criticize him, remember his “beef” with Prince when he jokingly said “Sexy ain’t never went no where” drawing sexyback comparisons? Lighten up JT.