‘Might Be The Beginning Of A Meltdown… *Grabs Popcorn*’ And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Commentary


What a ridiculously insane week in PITNB Reader commentary… lmao! Like, seriously?! We had so many cray-cray stories, a few meltdowns (hai Justin), and a very short, but sweet Throwback Thursday to which I’m still rocking out… lol. Last Sunday I had a rare (but very much needed) day off and didn’t get to do the weekly round-up; I missed it and I know y’all did too. But tonight we’re back on track, so click inside for just a few comments from you awesome PITNBrs!

PITNBr EAW, like many of us, is kind of mesmerized by the epic Justin Bieber breakdown which is taking place before our very eyes:

Might be the beginning of a meldown… *grabs popcorn*

Sorry for the haterade, I am not a fan of the Biebs and am having tremendous difficulty empathizing

PITNBr Meghan was nominated by PITNBr Vicky for this comment about the Taylor Swift v. Tina Fey & Amy Poehler madness:

Umm… did she also just call them old ladies?????? Please………I so hate this girl. She is such a twit. Taylor, see this blog a few stories down. There is an 18 year douchebag who is perfect for you.

PITNBr Britney’sBitch had me rolllllin’! He, along with many other PITNBrs, came to the defense of our beloved blog when we kinda, sorta got attacked by a certain commenter… who shall remain nameless (and who may or may not have been Justin Bieber himself, lol):

Leave Trent alone!!!111!!11! lolz

PITNBr Devonte Antonio hilariously joined in on the housewife/feminist/anti-feminist discussion that went down when we saw Topanga’s cover shoot for Maxim Magazine:

Well, I am a man and I tend to vacuum my apartment once every 3 or so days after I cut my hair…so I’m usually naked…and let me tell you, it’s some SEXXXY stuff…lol

PITNBr beco offered up her review of the tailer for Emma Watson’s new flick:

trailer does not make me want to see the movie, but does make me want to hang out with emma watson.

PITNBr Rainbow Kirby shared a great comment about Holly Madison’s choice for her newborn baby girl’s name. We weren’t all sure about ‘Rainbow Aurora’ but I liked hearing another Rainbow’s perspective:

My birth name is Rainbow, and everyday I thank my mother for having the courage to give me a different name. I have never been forgotten and I have been confused with another woman. I’m neither a pole dancer or a street walker. Why all the hate for a different name?
This is my story: http://cohabnthecity.com/2013/03/09/being-named-rainbow/

PITNBr MJ is joining all of us when PITNB takes an awesome, brilliant (but totally imaginary… for now) field trip to the future Broadway production of Mean Girls:

OMG, like, YES! I’m ready to join y’all. I’ll even bring the Kälteen bars for the trip!

That’s all for now folks! Thank you for another awesome week. And nobody call me… Revenge is coming back on tonight!

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  • Vicky

    LMFAO @ Devonte Antonio’s comment… I’m imagining him as a totally buff, tall, dark skinned guy and I think I need a cold shower now ;) But even if he’s not – all the power to him – naked cleaning is where it’s at!

    • Devonte Antonio

      LOL NOPE! I’m short, light skinned, and scrawny aka “Swimmer’s Build” in Gay World…but the booty make the boys and girls go WHOOP!

  • Meghan

    I made the list! So honored!

  • EAW

    Yayyy thank you for the love, Shannon!!

    beco 100% agree with you – I would love to hang out with Emma Watson!

  • MJ

    My reaction to making the weekly commentary: I’d like to thank the Academy…for not nominating me for best Director either. Take that, b!tches! ;)

    • Shannon

      MJ, LOL! That’s right! You and Ben Affleck are now one.

  • Britney’sBitch

    I made it…again! What can I say? I’m natural! Talent in it’s purest form over hurrr.

    Oh and btw I’m a he! No girl would declare herself as a Britney’s Bitch! Only the gays lol

    • MJ

      Some girls might…if they have a prison fetish… ;)

    • Shannon

      Britney’sBitch, lol! My bad! I’ll edit accordingly :)