Christopher Nolan Is Working On His Next Movie, ‘Interstellar’


I sooo wish I had been invited to this year’s Academy Awards, so I could have run up on stage yelling about how The Dark Knight Rises shoulda won, like, 8 of those awards… lol. Sigh. Chris Nolan can do little-to-no-wrong and I was excited to learn that he was hard at work on his next movie. Originally developed by Steven Spielberg, Interstellar is officially in the hands of the one they call Nolan. Click inside to learn more!

Indiewire/TOH has the story:

Forget about Christopher Nolan directing “Bond 24″ — his next movie will be the time-traveling “Interstellar,” which will be handled domestically by Paramount and internationally by Warner Bros. and will blast off November 7, 2014. As before, expect both IMAX sequences and exhibition.

If “Inception” was Nolan’s Bond movie, then “Interstellar” will surely be his “2001: A Space Odyssey,” described as “a heroic interstellar voyage to the furthest reaches of our scientific understanding.”

“Interstellar” was initially developed by Steven Spielberg in 2006 as a scientifically-observed adventure about “a group of explorers who travel through a worm hole and into another dimension,” from a treatment by physicist Kip Thorne and producer Lynda Obst. A year later, Nolan’s brother, Jonathan, hopped aboard as screenwriter and introduced a “time element.” Spielberg eventually dropped out and in January Christopher Nolan signed on to write and direct.

Nolan previously reported that he would transform “Interstellar” into a hybrid of the previous script and his own ideas, which you can bet will share some of the same cerebral DNA as “Inception.”

“Interstellar” will be produced by Nolan, his wife and long-time collaborator, Emma Thomas, and Obst. Thorne is still attached as executive producer.

Well, I’m expecting some seriously awesome things here. If it’s going to have elements of Inception and Spielberg was working on it first, these are all good signs. I’m also just gonna go ahead and assume that my girl Marion Cotillard will join the cast, so yeah. I’m in!


  • Halli

    I’m in…I love me some CN.

  • rayoflightCOADF

    Can’t wait! Nolan is a god and we all need to bow down to him! The man is incapable of making a bad film. Plus with the people like Marion C, Christian Bale, JGL, Tom Hardy and Leo Dicaprio all foaming at the mouth to work with him again its safe to say he will NEVER make a bad film EVER