Superman Faces Off Against General Zod In New ‘Man Of Steel’ Promo Art


The new Superman film, Man of Steel, is due to hit theaters in June but the promo push for the flick is chugging along … very quietly. Back in December we got our first look at the first movie poster for Man of Steel, then we got the second movie trailer for the film (the first tease came back in July of last year around Comic-Con time). Since then, there hasn’t been much promo save for that Empire magazine coverstory in January. Today we get to see some new promo art for Superman books aimed at kids that will tie-in with the Man of Steel release in June. The art was created by Jeremy Roberts and gives us an animated look at what Superman and his nemesis General Zod will look like in the film. The illustrations are neat, check ‘em out below.

You can see that the characters are clothed in costumes that are based on the costumes that will be featured in Man of Steel. As with any big superhero movie, there will be a lot of tie-in products that will be released to promote the film … toys, shirts, keychains, etc. I’m a fan of book tie-ins because they are a sneaky way to get kids to read. I used to read the books that were released to promote movies in the 80’s because I felt it was another way to connect to the movies I loved. It only dawned on me years later that I picked up my love of reading by doing so. If it wasn’t for those movie tie-in books, I would’ve ONLY cared about TV … and might not be the literate scholar I am today :) I’m really looking forward to the release of Man of Steel this year so I’m happy with any bit of promo we get. These illustrations are fantastic, I just had to share. Click HERE to see more of Jeremy Roberts’s work, if you like these illustrations you’ll love his other work as well.