‘Mean Girls: The Musical’ Is Officially, Definitely Happening


Back in January Trent completely (and rightfully) lost it when he found out that Tina Fey was talking about creating a Broadway musical out of the hit movie Mean Girls. Tina wrote the original screenplay and said that she was working on developing the musical with her husband, Jeff Richmond, who did all the music on 30 Rock. Well, Mr. Fey Jeff is speaking out and the musical is definitely going down. Breathe, Trent, breathe/Don’t breathe! And click inside for more!

Complex has the deets:

Good news: It seems like that Mean Girls musical we told you about earlier this year is actually happening. According to Broadway.com, Tina Fey’s husband, Jeff Richmond is definitely scoring the musical, and revealed that, though the process may take a year or two, progress is being made on the project.

“It’s actually becoming a thing!” he told Vulture. “We’re taking meetings with people; I’ve profiled Broadway folks, who are talking to us about it. It’s a long process — a year, two years, however long it might take.”

Also, apparently, flailing NBC show Smash is having an effect on the process. “We watch Smash, so we know how it works,” he continued. “It’s all just laid out structure-wise right now. That’s how early we are. Because you have to take a three-act structure and turn it into a two-act structure and start thinking about it like that, and we’re working! We’re working on it, okay?”

Additionally, it looks like one of the best quotes to come from the 2004 film, “that’s so fetch,” is making it into the musical. “I think there will be a fair amount of songs to move the action forward, but because Tina’s dialogue in the movie is so funny, there will be a lot of room in there for that, for sure. We’re going to keep those jokes in there. ‘Fetch’ will be a song, for sure, absolutely,” Richmond said. “And it will probably reprise itself at some point, just so you know. Gretchen Wieners will have a song. That’s all I can say. But it is fun to think about who is going to get a song — like, Damien will have a couple of songs.”

Aghhhhh, I love it! I mean, Fetch?! Fetch, which was never supposed to happen, is finally going to be a song… and, therefore… happen?! LOL! This is awesome.

And yes, PITNBr Iris B., somehow… some way… we are effing going, lol!


  • I’m dying. No, wait …. dead.

    • apriljan

      @Trent — LMAO!!

      I just about lost it and screamed like Regina George did when she found out about Kalteen Bars. But although she was upset, I was screaming because I was happy.

  • MJ

    OMG, like, YES! I’m ready to join y’all. I’ll even bring the Kälteen bars for the trip!

  • Iris B

    WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! This sounds like hella fun! and yes, Shannon, let’s! LOL (Hope to meet you and Trent one day. If it was for this show, I would die!)

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