First Look: Mariah Carey Releases A Music Video For ‘Almost Home’


Last month we got to hear, in full, Mariah Carey’s new song Almost Home which is the lead single from the soundtrack to the film Oz the Great and Powerful … a couple of days later, we got a sneak peek at the music video. Today, in honor of the film’s release today, we get to see the full music video for Almost Home. As you can see above, all Mimi needs is a chair and a wind machine to do the damn thing so … check out the embed above and behold, Mariah the Powerfully Great!

  • Incidentally, and I’m not quite sure why they did this, the movie clips in the video pretty much give you a very good look at the entire film. The clips are in order and they highlight the storyline from beginning to end. Having seen the movie myself, it feels a bit like I’ve seen it again just by watching this video.

  • nicole

    home girl has been looking reallllllllllly good lately.

  • Ashley

    Love the video. It’s simple and just Mariah without any other distracting things.

  • Brenna

    Am I the only one that thinks this doesn’t even sound like Mariah? I was stunned when I first heard it.

  • Diana

    Brenna, no you are not. Especially that opening line but even throughout the whole song it was a bit off for me.

  • Emily

    I think it does, bit I guess it depends on if you’re a big fan or not. If you listen to her music, as in all her CD’s, you hear the true range of her voice. There are album cuts that never got released where you would be shocked how low her voice can go. Most of her commercial success has been the songs where she sings in her mid range and higher. She sings very low at the beginning of this song and through the middle of it. There also sounds like a layered vocal going on here (which of course the haters are calling autotune). Thats when a singer records the song in a different key or pitch, and the different recordings are then layered over each other. Something she has done quite often.