Watch: Garbage Announces The Release Of New Music For Record Store Day 2013


Back in December we learned that Garbage has begun work recording new music and it looks like we’re going to hear some of that new music sooner than we may have anticipated. While Garbage isn’t ready yet to release a new album, they are ready to release newly recorded songs in celebration of Record Store Day 2013. The band is planning to release a limited edition 10″ vinyl record on Record Store Day and in the video above, they share their fond memories of their fave record stores and record purchases. Check out the cute video above then click below to find out which songs will be included on their RSD 10″ record and read a short love letter written by Shirley Manson regarding the band’s love of Record Store Day.

This year we once again wanted to release something special in celebration of Record Store Day 2013. We decided to record the duet that we had been performing on tour with the Screaming Females towards the end of 2012. The SF flew across country from New Jersey to Los Angeles so we could record it all together at EastWest Studio 1 in Hollywood ; 2 drum kits, 2 bass rigs, 2 guitars, 2 microphones and 1 piano. No mean feat. The song? A cover of Patti Smith’s “Because the Night”. Why? Because it’s awesome. The track will be featured on a limited edition 10″ vinyl dropping Record Store Day 2013 . The 10″ will also include a remix by Beatport contest winner Konstantin Kazhev titled “Automatic Systematic Habit Costa Cadeu Remix” and an additional Garbage original song titled “Love Like Suicide”.

And here is Garbage’s explanation about why they love Record Store Day:

Someone wanted to know, someone asked the question: Why is Record Store Day so important?

Well, there are a myriad of reasons why RSD is important, not just to me as a musician but as a member of a society that is becoming increasingly more regulated and homogenized to within an inch of our lives. Are we, such wild creatures as we are, soon to be forced into such uniform lives that we all eat the same things, listen to the same things, read the same things, think and do the same things? Or do we fight to hold on to our individuality, our identity, our independent spirits, thoughts and ideas? RSD champions the idea of small business versus the sprawling corporate beast that invades every corner of our towns, our cities and our countries around the world. It celebrates the notion that music is precious and sacred and still of worth even though it may fail to “research” well or accrue large amounts of radio “spins”. It dares to suggest that music can and will engender excitement, passion and salvation despite never being attached to an international brand or a globally recognized pop star known only by their first name. It’s a day that honours the mystery, the romance and the dying art of record making. A day that celebrates the notion that something as seemingly insignificant as a song or a piece of music can stand up against something very big and powerful. And it promotes the belief that time spent exploring a small, lovingly curated record store, discovering artists, music and ideas can arm you against anything that ever threatens to overwhelm or engulf you. In a world like ours, where we live increasingly isolated lives behind the lonely glow of our computer screens, RSD reminds us all that an independent record store is worth protecting and fighting for. They are a haven and a harbour for all curious and wandering souls. We need them. Let’s love them. And keep them. —SHIRLEY MANSON, Garbage

Wow, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I love Record Store Day and I’m really looking forward to RSD 2013. Garbage’s 10″ record is top on my list of Must Buys. I cannot WAIT. This is really fantastic news for record fans, no?