‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Releases A New Promo Image Of Beetee


After a slew of new official Capitol portrait promo photos for the upcoming sequel film The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (including the release of the stunning portrait of protagonist Katniss Everdeen late last night), it looks like we are now moving into the release of portrait photos of the Tributes who will compete in the 75th Hunger Games: Quarter Quell. Click below to see the official Capitol portrait of Beetee, one of the tributes from District 3.

Who is eccentric and electric?! Beetee of course!

As you may know, the 75th Hunger Games: Quarter Quell will pit Panem tributes who have previously won earlier Hunger Games competitions. Beetee is the male tribute from District 3 whose speciality is working with electronics and wiring. In the film, Beetee is played by Jeffrey Wright. Another portrait, of a female character who is “sly and cunning” is due for release later today.


  • ClaireMichelle

    I wish I could kiss everyone involved with these portraits! They are all so beautifully done, and are the perfect teaser for right now! I am hoping the next one is for Johanna based on the clue, but it could also be Cashmere! This is so fun!!

    • Joan

      Sly and cunning is SO Johanna! But, then again, I’m totally biased. LOL! love Beetee as well. Nerds, representing!

  • Kristina

    These portraits are great. I hadn’t heard which actors were playing all these other tributes, but for some reason I had Beetee pegged as much older in my mind. I never expect movies to be exactly true to the book, and I like this guy as an actor (though I can never remember his name), I just wish he was like 20 years older! :-) Am I crazy?

    • Alicia Mayo-White

      I thought the same thing. I will love this movie no matter what and am 110% confident they chose the right people for the roles. But I pictured Beetee much like an old, cool science prof or something.

  • Megan

    Wasn’t Beetee an old man or am I not remembering correctly?

    • ClaireMichelle

      His age is never really talked about. I don’t think we even know which Hunger Games he had previously won. Mags is the only tribute that was ever specified as actually being “old” in Catching Fire. :)

    • Joan

      Clair Michelle is completely right. He is thought to be older than his District partner Wiress (who is around her 30’s), but that’s still puts Jeffrey Wright in the correct age range.

      In fact, when Jeffrey got cast, I think the brunt of the criticism was due to his skin color rather than his age. LOL!