Did Kate Middleton Accidentally Reveal The Sex Of Her Baby?


HMMM … could it be that we now know the sex of Kate Middleton’s unborn baby with husband Prince William? It’s very possible … because Kate herself may have accidentally let slip the baby news that was meant to be kept secret. As Kate was accepting gifts from her royal subjects yesterday, it appears that she inadvertently revealed the sex of her baby. Now, she didn’t come right out and say it but a slip of the tongue — heard by those around her (and caught on video) — may have given the whole secret away. Click below to watch video of Kate’s slip up and see what you think … did she really let us know the sex of her unborn baby?

The moment the Duchess of Cambridge appeared to give the game away about the sex of her unborn baby has been caught on camera. The famously discreet royal appeared to briefly drop her guard when she was given a teddy bear by a well-wisher during a walkabout in Grimsby yesterday. As she was handed the toy, the Duchess, who is five months pregnant, was caught on camera by Sky News saying: ‘Oh is this for our d…’ before stopping herself mid-sentence. She then immediately regains her composure and continues to thank the woman for the gift. However, her comment did not go unnoticed by other members of the 2,000-strong crowd who had gathered to catch a glimpse of the Duchess. As Kate continued up the line, Sandra Cook, 67, asked: ‘Did you say my daughter?’ The Duchess initially looked confused but when she realised what Ms Cook meant she smiled and raised an eyebrow before wagging her finger and saying ‘no, no, no’. The royal then looked at the ground and appeared to blush as she laughed off the comment. She then told Ms Cook ‘we don’t know, so…’ before her sentence tailed off and she changed the subject. Ms Cook then recounted the brief discussion. She told the Mail: ‘The lady next to me gave her a teddy bear and I distinctly heard her say “Thank you, I will take that for my d….”. ‘Then she stopped herself. I leant over and said to her: “You were going to say daughter, weren’t you?” She said: “No, we don’t know!” I said: “Oh, I think you do” to which she replied: “We’re not telling!”

And there you have it … it SOUNDS like Kate revealed that she and hubby Prince Wills are having a DAUGHTER … but, again, we don’t know. It’s very possible that Katiekins accidentally let the cat out of the bag … but, then again, it’s also possible that she intentionally let slip the WRONG INFORMATION in order to throw people off the trail of the truth. It can only go one of two ways so … we won’t know until we know for sure when that baby is born this July.

That being said, I REALLY WANT KATE AND WILLS TO HAVE A BABY GIRL SO … I’m cautiously excited. What do y’all think … do you think Kate slipped up?


  • Nicole Nichols

    She might have. It’s very hard once you know to not let it out accidentally. If you don’t want people to know you always have to be very careful what you say. Jennifer Garner did the same thing on the Tonight Show a few years ago – you just don’t even realize it sometimes in the course of a normal conversation.

  • VV

    Well, if it is a daughter, the UK Parliament and the various Commonwealth ones had better get a move on and change the succession rules to allow a first born female to succeed to the throne. At present, if they were to have a daughter and then a son, the son would succeed William to the throne.

    Once they’ve sorted out that bit, perhaps they can then move on to scrapping the prohibition on Catholics.

  • Leah

    I still don’t care.

  • Bekah

    She might have been saying ‘dog,’ but thought it might be rude to tell people she’s giving a gift to Lupo.

    I do hope she accidentally said daughter, though. That would be so amazing!

  • kate middleton baby

    Thanks for share your post but everyone guess wrong who said kate will give baby girl because she has given the birth baby boy and congrats to kate and her family.