Building A Mystery


Sunday was a very relaxing day for me … after a few days of running around, going to shows, road trips, etc., I decided that my Sunday was going to be as laid back and lazy as possible. I watched some TV, read a little and spent part of my afternoon putting together a few Lego building block sets. Yes, I’m 12 years old again. I happened upon these new DC Comics Superheroes Lego sets and thought it would be fun to assemble a few of them. Needless to say, playing with Legos was the absolute highlight of my day :D

I’ve always been a fan of Lego sets. Ever since I was old enough to play with them (and not choke on the tiny pieces), I’ve collected, assembled and disassembled Lego sets. I honestly cannot remember the last time I played with them but I have to say, the sets have gotten very impressive in recent years. When I was little, the only models you could build were generic police cars, helicopters, etc. Now, Lego has teamed up with characters from DC Comics (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman), Marvel Comics (Spider-Man, The Avengers), Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and more. Obvs, I’m a huge DC Comics fan so I picked up a few superheroes sets which were really fun to put together. My mom loves to tell the story about how when I was very young, I managed to get a Lego piece stuck in my nose. She tried to show me now to blow it out of my nose by exhaling and I sucked in and inhaled so hard that the piece went even further up my nose. Yes, that really happened. It was only the slimy snot that leaked out of my nose from all the crying that helped the piece come out (which allowed me to avoid a trip to the hospital). I’m proud to say that no Lego pieces got stuck in my body yesterday so, finally, I’m old enough to play with Legos safely. I MAY have picked up a set or 2 more to assemble sometime soon because when I get obsessed with something, I stay obsessed until I get bored and move on.

If anyone wants to play Legos, give me a shout.

Tonight, I’m heading out to the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, CA to attend a screening of Oz the Great and Powerful. I’m curious to see this movie so I’ll be sure to let you know what I think … later in the week, reviews for this film are embargoed until Friday. I hope you are having a great Monday, Happy New Week!

  • Kristin

    OMG I want to see that movie so badly! Jealous! :)

  • rOXy

    The last picture is pure love. Please let us know how Oz is. I’ve been waiting an eternity for it to be released.

  • Lulu

    Love it! I love buying my son lego. He still can’t build it 100% on his own and there isn’t much I enjoy more than building Lego. So fun! I totally want to buy him Arkham Asylum. That would take a few good hours to build.. lol

    • @Lulu — I recommend the Superman vs Power Lex set, it’s not too big and when finished, the Power Lex robot has opposable legs, feet, arms and fingers. It’s seriously the coolest thing ever!

  • Caroline

    This entire post made me laugh quietly to myself (LQTM). From the not chocking on the small pieces to the image of you with a lego up your nose – I don’t know – just tickled my funny bone and I needed that today! So thanks!

  • kendra

    Lucky bastard..I got a peanut up my nose when I was a kid and had to make a run to the ER..Who knew playing “Mr. Peanut climbs up Nose Mountain” would turn so dark so quick?

    I love Legos, but my son is too old for them now..Thank goodness I have nephews that will soon be playing with them..And you best believe I’ll be buying as many sets as possible as payback for all of the ones my brothers and sisters bought for my son and I ended up stepping on! I do miss getting the big blue tub of different sized pieces, though..It seems like it’s all sets now..