Beyoncé Goes Blonde For Pepsi


Last month we got to see a batch of Beyoncé promo photos from her ad campaign for Pepsi Cola and, as you may recall, those photos gave us a bit of pop art realness. Today, we get to see new images of Beyoncé promoting Pepsi and this time around, homegirl is lookin’ like a bleach blonde bombshell. As you may recall, we learned last year that Bey is being paid a reported $50 million to endorse Pepsi this year … and clearly, part of that $50 mil. went to the acquisition of a new wig. Check out the promo images below.

Since her Destiny’s Child days, Beyonce has been swinging her honey blonde locks back and forth, but the songstress is making some new changes for Pepsi. Slowly but surely, Beyonce’s Pepsi collaboration is pouring out some fun looks for Bey, and the latest leak shows Beyonce sporting an all new glow: Bleach blonde hair. The new Pepsi images feature Bey showing off her post-baby curves in a Pepsi-colored outfit of blue short shorts and a tightThe sexy clothing aside, we just can’t keep our eyes off of Beyonce’s blonde mane! This is the most drastic hair change Bey has seen in quite some time, and even if it was just for the Pepsi shoot, we wouldn’t be mad if it stuck around.

I know that some folks took issue with how blonde and caucasian Bey looked in the promo images we saw last month, so I expect those same folks will have the same problems with these new images. For me, personally, I think ad campaigns like this are an opportunity for artists to play with their image so that they can portray entirely new looks. I don’t think that Beyoncé is going out of her way to look more Caucasian, necessarily, even tho it does look like she is “becoming” more and more white. I liked the pop art imagery we saw last month much more than this bleach blonde look in these photos … but I’m curious to hear what y’all think. Do these new ad campaign images do anything for you?


  • nicole

    honestly…it doesnt feel like anything new. it just feels like the same old beyonce.

  • rOXy

    With that shape and those legs, the platinum wig is the last thing the eye travels to. It’s Bey, people, she does what she wants.

  • Jan

    OMG… At first look I thought it was RuPal….

  • Gillian

    Congrats Beyonce. You just became the spokesperson for diabetes

  • miguel

    I like how these Beyonce Pepsi ads want to completely stray away from the fact that Beyonce is actually black…well, at least her legs still are. Nevermind.

  • Linnea

    I feel like she turns more and more white for every day that goes by..

  • Alicia

    Beyonce! Please don’t let these Haters bother you,They want what you got,they have nothing better too do with their Lives! People Grow Up! Beyonce continue being Faboulous!