Watch: Prince Performs ‘Screwdriver’ & ‘Bambi’ On ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’


Back in January we learned that Prince is back on the scene with some new music and new plans for world domination. Those plans are starting to come to fruition as he begins to promote his newest release. The Purple One made an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night to perform his new single Screwdriver with his new all-girl backing band 3rd Eye Girl. He also used the opportunity to announce, via Jimmy, that he will be embarking on a West Coast tour next month!!! Click the embed above to watch Prince and 3rd Eye Girl perform Screwdriver … then click below to watch them perform the classic Prince track Bambi.

I can’t EVEN tell you how excited I am to see Prince live in concert again. April is a bizzy month for me so I’m hoping I’ll be able to see the man live while he tours the West Coast. Enjoy these stunning live performances while we wait to hear when these new Prince shows will be taking place. AHHH!!

  • janaegal

    Have you seen the tweets from a band member of The Roots(I can’t recall his name right now). Apparently Prince asked to borrow his guitar and the gentleman let him but asked if he could autograph it, which Prince denied. Then at the end of the song, he tosses the guitar and breaks it.

    The best part was this guy(WHAT IS HIS NAME AND WHY AM I TOO LAZY TO GOOGLE IT?!?!?) tweets about it and says that something like, “Maybe it’s the parent in me, but framing that guitar would be rewarding bad behavior” and he also included a picture of the guitar and labled it Purple Pain. I mean, ahhahah, that’s funny right?

    Ah, I need another mimosa.

    • Matthew

      That’s hilarious. Prince is in a league of his own.

      The performances were great. Mimi was also a guest on this show, doing promotion for her new single and American Idol.

      Fallon challenged her to beer pong, but since it was Mariah, they did champagne pong instead. After, he tried to push for a Prince/Mimi duet. Mariah said she would love to. I don’t even know what that would sound like, but it really needs to happen please.