First Look: Stephen King Releases The Book Cover For ‘Doctor Sleep’, The Sequel To ‘The Shining’


Back in 1977, Stephen King published his novel The Shining which was adapted in 1980 into a very successful film by director Stanley Kurbrick … a film that endures today, thanks to the brilliant source material, as one of the greatest horror films of all time. This September, all these years later, King will release a new novel titled Doctor Sleep that will pick up where The Shining left off. In Doctor Sleep, Danny Torrance is all growed up … and still shining. Click below to see the book cover in full and read a short synopsis released by Stephen King himself.

OMG, this sounds so great! I must admit that I’m not usually a fan of book sequels, especially many years after the fact … but I fully trust Stephen King knows what he is doing. The Shining, both the book and the film, has had such an enduring impact on my life … I saw the movie when I was very young and, well, it’s affected me. I’m very anxious to read this new story that tells the tale of Dan Torrance all grown up. King fans will deffo want to keep an eye out for this book. Doctor Sleep will be released on September 24.


  • Amanda

    Almost thirty years later and The Shining is still the scariest book I’ve ever read. I’ll never forget being stuck on the couch at three in the morning, too scared to move and too scared to stop reading.

  • Serenity

    Come and play with us, Trent! Forever…and ever…and ever…

  • Keegan

    Shine bright like a diamond, Danny Torrance.

  • Kris

    Yeah, but let’s not forget that King mucked up pretty much everything that was good about The Shining in his own TV series adaptation a few decades ago. Comical ghosts galore and gratuitous redemption for old Jack!

    • Serenity

      @Kris Didn’t he redeem himself in the book? I thought Jack had a moment of clarity and let Danny go.

  • Missy

    The Shining is my FAVORITE book by King, so I’m hoping that this book will be as amazing.