Justin Bieber Celebrates His 19th Birthday Shirtless, Practically Pantsless


Justin Bieber is celebrating his 19th birthday today but he got a jump on the festivities last night in London, England. After his last concert performance as an 18 year old, JB rushed back to his hotel sans shirt and with his pants almost around his knees. Either the kid was showing off or he was just really hot and he needed to cool down but either way, fans got a good look at the kind of underwear he likes to wear under all of that swag. After a bit of freshening up, The Biebs got dressed (in a very pretty cardigan, I must admit) and hit the town to celebrate his 19th birthday well into the wee hours of the morning. Click below to see some photos and read some deets about JB’s 19th birthday night-on-the-town.

He may be one of the world’s most famous teenagers, but Justin Bieber ended his birthday like most other 19-year-olds – with a trip to the kebab shop. It was an eventful night for the singer, with him only kicking off the celebrations at 3am when he arrived back at his London hotel after performing his gig in Birmingham on Thursday night – before partying up a storm with rumoured girlfriend Ella-Paige Roberts-Clarke and a bevy of beauties. In spite of the freezing winter weather gripping the capital, the teen heartthrob somewhat bizarrely chose to go shirtless as he arrived at his hotel, with a pair of low-slung trousers barely even covering his bottom as he prepared to get ready for his night on the town. Bracing himself against the London chill, the singer was clearly keen to show ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez exactly what she’s missing as he was ushered into the hotel with his entire torso on show.

LOL! Yeah, Selena, eat your heart out ;)

Although he no doubt assumed he looked cool as a cucumber in his hip-hop style trousers, the youngster looked mildly ridiculous with his bright white boxer shorts on display for all to see.

Haha, I’ll say!

Writing on his Twitter page before his Birmingham gig, he said: ‘gonna chill and get ready for this show. last show as an 18 year old.
Before later adding: ‘Great show!!! Now gonna go celebrate 19!! Thanks.’ The teen hunk managed to locate some clothes for his night of partying in the form of a cream knitted cardigan, a simple black vest and yet again, his favourite low-slung trousers as he headed out supported by an army of minders. Despite it being the middle of the night, the pop star shielded his eyes with a pair of dark shades and wore a baseball cap as he was ushered into members-only after-hours club, BLC, by his minders.

After a couple of hours of partying, hunger pangs evidently called, and the gang departed BLC at 5am before heading to London’s Edgware Road, where they munched on kebabs in a Lebanese restaurant until 6am … Keen to make the most of his special day, Justin arrived back at his central London hotel at 6.30am for a couple of hours of shut-eye. On Friday night, the teen idol plans to continue the celebrations with a circus-themed party. The Baby singer has arranged a big bash in London, which will feature clowns and a ringmaster. Justin and 20 friends have a £10,000 budget for the night and had been scoping out the perfect venue over the past few weeks.

I mean … he’s 19, what do you expect? I can see how this kind of behavior likely drives his fans crazy … but I can also see how this kind of behavior drives everyone else really crazy, with annoyance. But, a 19 year old kid with access to more money than you can imagine and fame beyond comprehension, well, you’re gonna hafta expect that he’s going to annoy the shit out of you from time to time. Love him or hate him, the kid is celebrating his birthday today so we might as well send him some Birthday Lurve. I’m confident he’ll learn to pull his pants up … some day. Maybe he’ll receive a nice belt as a birthday gift this year :)

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin; Source]

  • Brenna

    He looks like he’s trying too hard in every photo I see of him.

  • Krissy

    I keep seeing these photos with Vanilla Ice references everywhere! LOL! He just looks so ridiculous.

  • Keegan

    19 is old enough to understand how pants function.

  • IMAhavinFUN!!???

    oh! he showed selena alright….
    *douchette alert*
    he is surrounded by Yes! people, but talk about having NO perspective, maybe too many joints at a young age has retarded him

  • Meghan

    Uh…..Little chilly this time of year in London. Why??? He looks stoked out of his mind in these photos. Why is is always crouching????

    • Serenity

      Maybe he’s taking a dump in his pants, also known as creating his next hit album?

  • MJ

    “lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground…”

    Seriously, tho, he looks like an idiot. The only time I see pants THAT low is usually bottoms showing off their assets in Midtown ATL.

  • Joan

    Why even bother with pants at all?! And…wait…is he wearing two watches on the “fully clothed” shots?! TO HELL WITH THIS!

  • swile71

    The fact that this gets coverage makes me sad. What a tool.

  • Megan

    Does he not feel ridiculous when he can feel his pants below his butt? I mean, how can that even be comfortable.

    • rOXy

      That’s what I always wonder, too!!

  • Amy

    Every single mom at my son’s preschool has that cardigan.

  • rOXy

    I love these comments!! lolololol Shannon! I hope you’re taking notes for Sunday’s blog.

    Heez jus’ tryin’ ta shows Selena whut sheez missin’.

    • Shannon

      rOXy, I’m on it, lol :)

  • Sam

    I can see the eventual breakdown coming a mile away

  • Sarah

    I love Justin bieber!!!

  • Natalea

    Justin is no longer playing peek-a-boo with his panties. He is now full on asking us to look at his booty. And I’m just not gonna do it.

  • Dot

    Is he wearing two watches?