Dennis Rodman Hangs Out With Kim Jong-Un In North Korea


So, um, outlandish basketball star Dennis Rodman made his way to North Korea for a little visit and he ended up meeting and becoming bromance BFFs with the country’s undisputed and all-powerful leader Kim Jong-Un. Now, I’ve read the reports a few times to try and understand better how all of this happened and … I’m still confused. Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-Un are bros now … like, for serious. Click below to see the photos and read the report from ESPN to see if you can understand any of this confusing madness.

Ex-NBA star Dennis Rodman hung out Thursday with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un on the third day of his improbable journey with VICE to Pyongyang, watching the Harlem Globetrotters with the leader and later dining on sushi and drinking with him at his palace. “You have a friend for life,” Rodman told Kim before a crowd of thousands at a gymnasium where they sat side by side, chatting as they watched players from North Korea and the U.S. play, Alex Detrick, a spokesman for the New York-based VICE media company, told The Associated Press. Rodman arrived in Pyongyang on Monday with three members of the professional Harlem Globetrotters basketball team, VICE correspondent Ryan Duffy and a production crew to shoot an episode on North Korea for a new weekly HBO series. The unlikely encounter makes Rodman the most high-profile American to meet Kim since the young North Korean leader took power in December 2011, and takes place against a backdrop of tension between Washington and Pyongyang. North Korea conducted an underground nuclear test just two weeks ago, making clear the provocative act was a warning to the United States to drop what it considers a “hostile” policy toward the North. Kim, a die-hard basketball fan, told the former Chicago Bulls star he hoped the visit would break the ice between the United States and North Korea, VICE founder Shane Smith said. Dressed in a blue Mao suit, Kim laughed and slapped his hands on the table before him during the game as he sat nearly knee to knee with Rodman. Rodman, the man who once turned up in a wedding dress to promote his autobiography, wore a dark suit and dark sunglasses, but still had on his nose rings and other piercings. A can of Coca-Cola sat on the table before him in photos shared with AP by VICE. “The crowd was really engaged, laughed at all of the Globetrotters antics, and actually got super loud towards the end as the score got close,” said Duffy, who suited up for the game in a blue uniform emblazoned with “United States of America.” “Most fun I’ve had in a while.” Kim and Rodman chatted in English, but Kim primarily spoke in Korean through a translator, Smith said after speaking to the VICE crew in Pyongyang. “They bonded during the game,” Smith said by telephone from New York after speaking to the crew. “They were both enjoying the crazy shots, and the Harlem Globetrotters were putting on quite a show.” The surprise visit by the flamboyant Hall of Famer known as “The Worm” makes him an unlikely ambassador at a time when North Koreans are girding for battle with the U.S. Just last week, Kim guided front-line troops in military exercises. North Korea and the U.S. fought on opposite sides of the three-year Korean War, which ended in a truce in 1953. The foes never signed a peace treaty, and do not have diplomatic relations … After the game, Rodman addressed Kim in a speech before a crowd of tens of thousands of North Koreans, telling him, “You have a friend for life,” Detrick said. At a lavish dinner at Kim’s palace, the leader plied the group with food and drinks as the group made round after round of toasts. “Dinner was an epic feast. Felt like about 10 courses in total,” Duffy said in an email to AP. “I’d say the winners were the smoked turkey and sushi, though we had the Pyongyang cold noodles earlier in the trip and that’s been the runaway favorite so far.” Duffy said he invited Kim to visit the United States, a proposal met with hearty laughter from the North Korean leader. “Um … so Kim Jong Un just got the (hash)VICEonHBO crew wasted … no really, that happened,” VICE producer Jason Mojica wrote on Twitter.

This is insane. I know Shannon labeled her earlier post about Michael Jordan the That Ish Cray of the Day but damn … this ish is the cray-ziest thing of the century. Could Dennis Rodman actually be the vessel thru with diplomatic friendliness might grow between the US and North Korea? I mean, really? I have to say, I love that Jong-Un was all geeked about meeting The Worm. The photo of the two guys hugging is just the best. If this is how we get world peace, I’m all for it. Is this not cray? I mean … right?!


  • Whitney75

    I think it would be great if it was that simple and if it works then how awesome is that.

  • Samantha

    The US’s attempt to get North Korea not to bomb us with nukes one day. This country is so absolutely ridiculous with their ‘no facebook policy’ and the treatment of their citizens. How desperate do we look acting like this to a country we so obviously do not respect?

    • Krissy

      I don’t know if I would say “we” look desperate, as this wasn’t on behalf of the US government. This is a company and former sports star promoting their own self interest.

      And I have to say a 10 course meal stands out to me as completely insensitive considering how many of the North Korean people are starving and malnourished.

  • Megan

    I thought North Korea touted us as their sworn enemy to their people. How do they rationalize inviting Americas to have dinner and laugh it up with their leader? I don’t get it. But hopefully it does something positive for our relations, I guess.

  • Joan

    There is no rationality nor logic behind anything that Kim Jong-Un does. Have you seen his joke Twitter account: @KimJongNumberUn? Please do.

  • Natalea

    I can’t even…WHAT THE EFF?

  • Lisa

    Just so awful, the people of North Korea go through hell while the world has fun making another caricature out of their leader. They turn suffering he lets happen into a joke and now sports stars are dining pleasantly with him?? I’m with Natalea, I just can’t even…