Watch: Kerry Washington And Craig Robinson Star In The Romantic Comedy ‘Peeples’


I was soooo psyched when I saw that my Scandal queen Kerry Washington was in a new flick with the eternally-hilarious Craig Robinson. And then I watched the trailer for Peeples. And I was like, Okayyyy. It’s… cute! It’s a rom-com, ya know? And then I saw that it was a Tyler Perry production (although he didn’t write or direct the film) and I was all like Whomp, whomp. LMAO, I can’t deal with most Tyler Perry movies, but dammit! He got me this time. I’ll probably check this out, if only to support my queen… but I honestly don’t expect it to be that good; the trailer is just way too cheesy (except for the part where Craig starts booty-poppin’– that was awesome). It’s got such a cool cast (including little Tyler James Williams from Everybody Hates Chris), but I dunno about this one.¬†Peep the trailer and tell me what you think?


  • Lulu

    Oh Kerry…. This looks so bad… :(

    • Shannon

      Lulu, It’s not her fault!!! I swear, it’s not her fault!!!! Waaahhhhh!

    • Lulu

      I know.. Ugh. I like her, I like Craig. But… just. no. :*(

  • nicole

    “Unfortunately, It’s A Tyler Perry Production” oh that gave me a good laugh

  • RonRontb22

    No comment.

  • Diana

    It has that, “I’ve seen this exact same story before” feel to it. I don’t know. But I love CR from The Office so I’m happy he is finding work. :)

    • Lulu

      Totally. like meet the fockers or whatever those terrible movies were. UGH.