Watch: Harry Styles Of One Direction Gets Hit In The Crotch With A Flying Shoe


I know I shouldn’t laugh — as a man, as an adult, as a grown-ass adult man — but … OMG, this video is kinda funny. During their concert stop in Glasgow, Scotland this week, Harry Styles of One Direction was pelted smack dab in the crotch by a flying shoe that was thrown by an overzealous fan (and before you ask, no it wasn’t Taylor Swift). In fact, a pair of shoes was thrown at Harry but he managed to avoid the first one … the second one? Well, he wasn’t so lucky. Click above to watch the video and then click below to find out why, in heaven’s name, a One Direction fan would want to throw their shoes at poor Harry Styles.

A One Direction fan has admitted to throwing a shoe at Harry Styles, which inadvertently hit him in the crotch. The shoe – which left Styles on the floor clutching at his groin – was thrown by fan Jade Anderson at the band’s gig in Glasgow (February 26), who says she didn’t mean to hurt him. “I just wanted him to touch something belonging to me,” she told the Scottish Daily Record. “I didn’t mean to hit him where I hit him, I’m really embarrassed.” The furore … resulted in her being booted out of the gig by bouncers as bandmate Liam Payne joked to the crowd: “Well, he has just been assaulted.”

Yikes! It would appear that Harry’s crotch is not only a chick magnet but it also appears to be a flying projectile magnet. He might want to start wearing a cup during performances, yeah, I think that would be a good idea. OY!


  • shannon from MN

    Why am I reminded of the fight scene at the end of the first “Austin Powers” movie?

  • Zeke

    I’m sure Taylor Swift has this huge smile on her face right now :P

    • Shannon

      Zeke, I know right? I mean, this is pretty much the ex-girlfriend’s dream.

    • Zeke

      LOL indeed, Shannon.
      Who knew Taylor Swift’s Mafia was such a scary thing?

  • Alex

    Oh my goooosh, those piercing screams! My ears!!!

  • Shannon

    That. Was. Awesome. His fall?! It was lit’rally like something out of a movie. I cannot believe how funny that was to me. Ridic.

  • Liz

    She wants him to touch something belonging to her? Well I guess she hit the jack pot. :)

  • Megan

    Apparently security threw the girl out that threw the shoe but the boys asked for her to be let back in which I think s nice of them, no one can deny that they have a good sense of humour!