Watch: Bobby Brown Hangs Out With Lisa Vanderpump Before He Goes To Jail


Yesterday it was reported that trainwreck popstar Bobby Brown has been sentenced to 55 days in jail for his latest DUI conviction. Today we learn that Bobby met up with Lisa Vanderpump, of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Dancing with the Stars fame, to commiserate (or celebrate, I’m not sure) his upcoming stint in jail. I’m not sure how long Bobby and Lisa have been BFFs but they’re clearly close enough to share a meal together … and Lisa obviously loves Bobby enough to let him carry her beloved pooch Giggy. If you can believe it, there is video of this odd date, courtesy of TMZ, which you can watch below.

Bobby Brown’s going to jail … Lisa Vanderpump’s going to “Dancing With the Stars” — we’re not sure what they have in common … but they were buddy buddy last night after a fancy celebration dinner. TMZ broke the story … on Tuesday Bobby was sentenced to 55 days in jail for his third DUI — but on Wednesday night he enjoyed dinner at Madeo with family and friends … and walked out of the restaurant arm-in-arm with Vanderpump. It’s news to us that BB and the ‘Real Housewives’ stars are pals … but last night they even joked (we hope) about sharing custody of LV’s pooch, Giggy. Bobby wouldn’t say when he’ll turn himself in — he has until March 20 — but referring to the sentence he did say … “It’s what has to happen.”

I … uh … yeah. From time to time it comes out that random celebs who you’d never think were friends are actually friends but … damn, this takes the cake. I totally get why Bobby would want to glom on to Lisa, after all, her reality TV fame has truly made her a recognizable name (at least, for now) but I don’t understand what Lisa gets out of this relationship. This is truly an odd couple if ever I saw one. I mean, what on Earth could these two possible have to talk about? Any guesses?


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