Watch: Audrey Hepburn Returns From The Dead To Sell Chocolate


Famed actress Audrey Hepburn, who passed away in 1993, is “alive” and well in digitally resurrected form for a new TV commercial for Galaxy Chocolate. The late icon’s estate (headed by her sons, I believe) licensed her image to be used in the new ad campaign that has been causing a bit of a stir this week. Some maintain that it is sacrilege to use the deceased in this manner to sell products, others maintain that it’s no big deal. I, personally, don’t know how I feel about this ad campaign in particular. While I don’t see a thing wrong with advertising in this manner, I think someone as beloved as Audrey Hepburn shouldn’t be lowered to shilling for candy bars. That said, I’m amazed by the ad agency’s ability to digitally bring Hepburn back from the dead for this new ad … it reminds me of Hologram Tupac, in that respect.

Check out the ad above and see what you think. Is this commercial something that appeals to you, grosses you our or neither?

  • rOXy

    Audrey is my idol. Hands down the most elegant most beautiful woman who ever lived. Princesses Di and Grace were the other two in the top three. In this footage, when she looks down and her eyelashes cover her cheek, I die a million deaths. This was tastefully done, although I do find it a little creepy still.

  • MeshaJ

    I can’t help but find it creepy! She is such a beautiful woman and they maintained her elegance in this commercial, but I agree that she shouldn’t be lowered to commercial for chocolate

  • Lalle

    It seems as if they’ve used a similar-looking actress/model, and then digitally merged their faces (much like JGL and Bruce Willis in “Looper”). In some shots, it looks like Audrey, exactly, while in others, it seems a bit meshed. Like the previous Dior ad which featured Charlize Theron with Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, etc., I have mixed feelings about using deceased celebrities in advertising without their express consent. I suppose if money was donated in their names, to causes they supported, then it wouldn’t feel as shallow, but, otherwise, it seems greedy on the part of their relatives or whomever is in charge of their estates.

  • Kayshika

    Ok, Im sorry this is a lil off topic, but are they gonna be selling Galaxy Chocolate in the Canada!?!?!?!

  • JennT

    Beautiful lady, yes…a tad creepy to see the real/unreal qualities of this ad. All in all it actually makes me a little sad because it seems like a soulless reproduction of someone who was very lovely in life.

  • supercute

    I really don’t like the idea of using someone’s image in this matter. Not because of it being greedy or anything like that, but because someone assumed she would be ok with this, when we have no idea what her say would be in the matter. No one should have the right to “force” someone to do something like this. It bothers me the same way the Mormon church’s baptism of the dead bothers me.

    Irregardless…Audrey is gorgeous and flawless.