MORRISSEY LIVES! Returns To The Concert Stage In San Diego


After the postponement of his tour last Fall (due to his mother’s ailing health) which was again postponed just last month (due to his own ailing health), Morrissey returned to the concert stage last night at the Balboa Theater in San Diego, CA. I had tickets to see Moz in Michigan last month but the show got cancelled at the last minute so I decided to buy a new ticket to see him in SD to make up for the show I missed. I’m so glad I went last night because it was a really fun show … and it was quite heartening to see the man back in action on stage again.

Last night’s show was the first of 3 total shows I’m seeing this week. Friday night, I’m seeing him at the Staples Center — it’s the make-up performance from his postponement last November. Then, I’m seeing him again on Saturday night at Hollywood High School … a last minute intimate performance that was announced just this week. Honestly, I can never get too much Moz. I’ve been obsessed with the music of The Smiths/Morrissey for many, many years … I am always happy to hear those songs performed live. Here is video of Moz and his boys performing his new song Action Is My Middle Name:

This song was due to be performed on Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday night but after a feud with Jimmy (which has gotten a bit out of hand), Moz decided not to appear on the show. He kinda sorta addressed the feud at the start of the video. Here is video of last night’s performance of The Boy with the Thorn in His Side:

As you can see, a few lucky fans managed to storm the stage in order to hug and/or kiss Morrissey … an age-old tradition that goes back to the days of The Smiths. I’ve yet to attempt the hug/kiss thing … maybe someday ;)

Incidentally, you might notice the thumbnail image of Morrissey’s autograph above. I learned last night that Moz signs 20 canvas prints per night which are made available at the merch booth and I couldn’t resist. I now have Morrissey hanging in my bedroom, not a bad thing to wake up to :) Concert merch is my kryptonite … but hey, at least I have a bunch of new t-shirts to wear ;)

Tonight, I’m heading out to the Bootleg Bar to see Hustle Roses live in concert. I’m planning to meet Pink reader rOXy at the show tonight … it should be a blast. I hope you are having a thoroughly enjoyable Thursday, all!!

  • Jstar

    color me jelly!

  • Martooska

    i was the penultimate stage rusher! is there a way i can get the original video? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…