Here Are 15 Throwback Mariah Carey Songs That Make Life Eternally Happy


Last week I swapped out our Throwback Thursday post so that we could celebrate the awesomeness that is Elemental Threads and PITNBr Emily. Emily made me the greatest bag in the history of bags, and it was very important that I profess my lurve for her and her amazing work. Today, we are back to our regularly scheduled Throwback Thursday, and since Mariah Carey is getting ready to drop a video for her new song Almost Home (and since she’s also been buzzing about new music), I though it was appropriate that we let Mimi take over for today. Life is just… better… when Mariah’s around, isn’t it? LOL. Now the truth is, we celebrated Throwback Mimi ages ago when I did a countdown of her best Hip-Hop collaborations… and honestly? That post is still the pride and joy of my career here at PITNB, lol. But this Throwback Thursday will come close, I promise! And we’ll definitely have a few repeats from the old Mimi post too. Click inside for more!

15 Throwback Mariah Carey Songs That Will Eternally Make Life Happy

1. Honey (Bad Boy Remix)
When I asked Trent which Mimi songs should make the list, this was the first one he named. All in caps. ‘HONEY,’ to which he added (as if I’d ever need clarification) ‘the epic, full Diddy one … jetskis and all,’ because these are the things that make like happy, y’all:


2. Vision Of Love
Curly-haired Mimi is > or = straight-haired Mimi. Both reign, both can sang:


3. Shake It Off
No, I still don’t quite get the Calgon commercial reference and I NEVER want to. It’s the mystery– ya know– that keeps my relationship with Mariah fresh… lmao. But no, seriously. This single was everything. The video is everything. The old dude ‘shaking it off’ at 1:22 is everything. Calling your ex-boyfriend while you’re in a fly-ass car with Chris Tucker is everything. I love it!


But would you believe that I love the remix even more?! Of course you would– Jigga and Jeezy are on it:


4. We Belong Together
Can you believe that there was a period of time when people thought it was ov-ah for Mimi?! It’s Mimi, bitch! She doesn’t ‘ov-ah.’ LOL… wait. Stop everything. Why am I just now realizing that Faizon Love is the preacher in this video?!?! OMG, I love it! MC rules:


5. My All
You know. The gods did not see fit to bless me with… um… any vocal abilities whatsoever. But right now, my headphones are in, and I am Mimi. Nobody talk to me:


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  • nicole

    Shannon, after all these Throwback Thursday posts, im convinced you either stalk me or hack my iTunes. you keep posting all of my favourite things!

    • Shannon

      nicole, we’re just meant to be BFF. That’s all!

  • JM

    Killlllla cam! Oh the Dipset days. Needed this today! Thanks, Shannon!

    • Shannon

      JM, I may or may not have already gotten tickets to the Dipset reunion performance in NYC. Tell NO one… lmao.

    • JM

      I may or may not be super jelly about that.

      Diplomats are coming to your hood
      And we wanna know … What’s really good!?

      Ahhhhhhhh lol

  • apriljan

    Number 12!!! Aggggh! Happy Throwback Thursday!

    • Shannon

      apriljan, Happy Throwback Thursday! See ya here next week :)

  • Kkal

    Shannon, Fantasy was filmed in Playland parking lot, where I grew up in NY. I was 14 and my friends and I snuck down to hid in the bushes and watch the filming. Hot guys, crazy dance moves, MARIAH? Best. Thing. Ever. At 14, or you know, now.

    • Shannon

      Kkal!!! What?!?! So, you were basically IN the ‘Fantasy’ video then, right? LOL! That is so awesome; thanks for sharing this!

  • Kim

    OMG love this! All my favorites, reminds me of why I love Mariah so much!

    • Shannon

      Kim, glad you enjoyed!

  • Alecia

    Throwback Mariah rules all! Always Be My Baby is still the jam. And #9 was among one of her best remixes. But I would also add her remix of Always Be My Baby as well!

  • Krissy

    I think “Shake it Off” was when I finally “got” Mariah. I think her humor comes through on that song…the calgon and the part where she talks about machine cutting her off and calling back. I realized how silly she is!

    • Shannon

      Krissy, you’re so right. She’s got this goofy quality that just makes her so lovable. I especially realized this when trent posted that video of her celebrating Christmas again, like, last month. LOL, she’s great.

  • Megan

    I just have to bring up the version of the Heartbreaker video with Jay-Z in the hot tub again, it’s everything.

    Fantasy is my jam. I put all of her old stuff onto my iPhone after your Valentine’s Throwback post and it has been the best decision I have ever made :’)

    • Shannon

      Megan, thank YOU! Every time I watch the video I posted, I’m like… why do I feel like Jay-Z’s supposed to pop up at some point? LOL. Thank you!!!

  • Kayla

    Throwback Thursdays always make me so happy because they made me realize that I’m not the only grown ass woman rockin’ out to old school 90’s tunes like they will never EVER go out of style.

    • Shannon

      Kayla, no. You are not alone out here and we need to stick together!

  • Iris B

    Yes! Make it Last Remix!!! This was soooo on back in the day!

  • smASH

    Holy moses I’m having flashbacks to watching TRL after school!!! I didn’t realize how many videos Mimi spends time in the shower? Did you ever see that MTV cribs when Mimi got was in the bath tub?? She’s a little strange but with a voice like that I’ll put up with a healthy dose of strange!

  • Sarah

    OMG thank you for helping me relive middle school…the first and LAST time I’ll ever utter that sentence. I would listen to the ODB remix of Fantasy and feel SO hood. This was awesome…I loved “Hero” as well!

  • Brent

    Ack! My Mariah diva!!!! Mariah deffinitely makes life happy dahhling. Honey is still my favorite all-time Mariah song. Love Boy (I Need You) and the video. SO cannot wait to see the Almost Home video and the movie. Me and the bf are SO THERE Mar. 8. Also love the Rooftop vid and Someday. Can’t leave out Make it Happen. Who am I kidding? I love them all LOL.

  • Michael Gonzalez

    I love this, Mariah is def. my Diva!! :D Thanks for putting this together Shannon!…. here are two more hehe

  • Megan

    The only thing missing is One Sweet Day. Wow I miss old Mimi

  • rOXy

    The weeks are whizzing by. Last Thursday seems like only a day ago. “Someday” was the one where Mimi caught my eye. I’ll never forget it. I was on vacation, had just stepped out of the shower and that vid was on the TV. I stood dripping in my hotel room, transfixed, and could not look away or do anything else until it was finished. I had a jealous meltdown right there on the spot and I couldn’t put myself back together. I laugh now because how could we have ever thought mom jeans were so sexy? Somehow, though, even today, she makes those things work!

  • janaegal

    Am I the only person that had serious appreciation for Breakdown?!? When she sings in the same manner that Bone Thugz in Harmony rap?and that video was pretty much my style inspiration for all of high school(ahem or life)